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Compiled by Graeme Petterwood.


....what all collectors dream about!

Every gatherer of strange things has a dream of being invited to view a box crammed full of old junk - and to find a Treasure!

Many years ago, while on a trip to sunny Queensland, my holiday host answered an advertisement in his local paper for an item he required.

He asked if I would assist him - as the item he wanted was a bit on the large-size.

This is a brief story of how little dreams come true in unexpected places!


It was on a pleasant Saturday morning in late October 1993 at Bluewater, Queensland - it was early before the heat started - when our holiday host spotted an advertisement in his local paper that caught his eye as we had breakfast - but, he needed to act quickly!.

To be frank, I no longer remember what it was - except it would take two of us to handle it - so we sped into the city suburbs of Townsville to look at it!


When we arrived at the address - in a dead-end split-level street on the slopes of Townsville's only big hill - we found that we were the only callers and were made welcome..

My mate went under the house with the owner to inspect the 'whatever-it-was' - and I stayed at the kitchen table chatting with other members of the family.

Of course, as I am relatively gregarious, and the family were friendly - the conversation drifted from Tasmanians on  interstate vacations to our  family's expectations - and, even to some my own hobby interests in life - including my love of numismatics.

When the householder returned - the casual conversation continued - and, soon, an old cigar box was produced with a selection of pre-decimal Australian  notes and coins - some foreign 'shrapnel' - and, a little glint of opal and other gemstone chips that caught my eye.

A request for a valuation occurred ...and ... an offer to sell -.if I was interested...!

As I was on vacation, I had no access to price catalogues - nor Internet - but, I do have a reasonable idea of things like this.

I had a quick browse, counted the money I had with me - and decided to make a tentative offer that I thought was fair.. and then we haggled a little - and I ended up with the box and contents. The acquisitions was packed away until I returned home later that month.


Again, to be frank - the wooden cigar box was, initially, of as much interest as the contents!   I still have it somewhere!

At home, I found that there were a few items that needed closer scrutiny, but - at that early stage - it all seemed to be fairly basic and just represented an affable morning - an exchange of money, and a memory of some nice Queenslanders.

It was when I started to sort the stuff properly for grading, recording, storing or discarding, prior to Christmas 1993,  that I found I had actually acquired a little treasure - in the form of a folded, dirty and heavily creased old 1941 Five Pound note (Minimum grading: Very Good - VG) - and, also, a nice almost uncirculated (a)UNC Ten Shillings from 1961.

I had been aware of the notes presence , of course, but, on researching them, I found that the 'Fiver'- had a signature combination I didn't have, and, the Ten Shillings was better than the sample I had in my collection at that time...

Treasures are in the eye of the beholder - and they don't always need to be huge - but, sometimes they will grow a little bigger - if we wait long enough - and don't miss opportunities.




The 10/- note in (a)UNC condition is currently catalogued at about AUD$150.00 +/-

The soiled, pin-holed and slightly beat-up Five Pound is currently catalogued at about $40.00 +/- - but, that would be negotiable ..!




I have, over the last months, recounted the experiences of including some Ancient coins to my collection in the early 1990's - so that I could have a more complete numismatic 'balance' at the beginning of my collecting Odyssey.

The colonial Greek 'lump' - and the Roman 'utter garbage' - that I garnered over a quarter of a century ago still reposes where I had stored them after I had identified them.

A further foray, into fairly old bits, came to pass when I acquired a few battered coins - again, of dubious quality - which had first saw daylight during the Middle Ages of England - during the mid-1990's.

My investment in a slightly-used 'Seaby Standard Catalogue of British Coins - Coins of England (25th Edition 1990) proved to be very fortuitous - and stressed the importance of having, at least, one good source of reliable information available.



Seaby's Catalogue (1990) - Some selected English Silver Coins

(Coins enlarged for clarity)



1279 - 1307





EDW R (London Mint)


1279 - 1307





EDWA R (Durham Mint)



TESTOON  4 Pence




HENRY VIII (Tower Mint)
















Silver coinage minted in England - notably that starting during the reign of Henry VIII - often proved to be of a highly debased quality - especially, if things were financially embarrassing in the Royal Coffers... and, sometimes, the basic, small value, coins were so bad that they were treated as near worthless by the hard-taxed Royal subjects.


The large, debased silver, Testoon (Fourpence) of Henry VIII  (shown) was often used - monarch image down - in a deliberate show of disrespect, as a 'shove-penny' in a coin-sliding game. (Refer author's sample illustrated above)


The coinage of Queen Elizabeth I varied somewhat in quality and quantity at various times during her reign due to the ongoing wars with Spain, and other European countries, and the occasional input of good Silver - from officially sanctioned privateering - that added to her coffers.


The civil wars and unrest during the reigns of the two James' - and the two Charles' - and a bit of graft during the time of the Oliver Cromwell Commonwealth - also created all sorts of problems for coin minters, and, in some instances, silver plates and other items made of blends of the precious metal were cut into pieces for use as emergency 'coinage'.

Official coins were also divided into pieces to cater for the shortage of small change of reputable value.

Some old debased silver coins, that had been withdrawn, were reissued and accepted, at revised values, to keep small commerce moving. Privately made tokens started to make their presence felt.


Some edge designs on earlier, or worn, good silver coins had made it easy for them to be carefully clipped - and the metal trimmings melted down for bullion. The trimmed coins often remained in circulation - albeit slightly smaller... and, it is known that the guilty parties were sometimes those who were in charge of money supply in some districts.

The lesson about officially regulated inflation was being applied with vigour.....!


The quality of the silver used in regular coinage was improved from time to time in later, more economically peaceful, reigns - but, the few ploys in regard to weight and coin-size were still evident occasionally - until milled coinage under stricter control was established - and less noble metals, and, finally, base compositions were introduced and fiat coinage was here to stay..



As numismatists, we usually tend to concentrate on areas that we are traditionally familiar with when we start contemplating older style coins - and, sometimes, we neglect those things that might be a lot closer to home.

Australia is a lot closer to Asia than it is to Europe and the Americas - so it is only natural that we do get some  interesting old Oriental items turning-up to clutter the  'junk-boxes' in our coin-markets.


A set of unexpected circumstances arose where I once bought a heap of 'shrapnel' from a dealer who had retired and wanted to clean out the last of his stock... a plastic bucket-full of metal bits ...! 

In that plastic bucket were many hundreds of coins, including heaps - literally - of relatively modern Asian and mid-Eastern coins and things that needed to be sorted, deciphered and stored - but, there were a few old colonial Asiatic gems that compensated me, handsomely, for the hours of time I spent on the task. 

Most were well-worn - but, they helped fill that historical and geographical niche in my knowledge.

I paid a pittance - AUD$36 - all I had in my pocket at the time - for the unsorted hoard ... and the bucket!

There was little of high individual value - but - a lot of 'littlies' can make a'biggie' ! (See some examples below.)

I absorbed much of it into my collection of World coins or disposed of them at a small profit or made a few good swaps!


It was a happy story for me as a 'magpie' gatherer with an interest in everything, at that time..... but, my late wife was not pleased - she lost her kitchen table for days .. and, I hadn't brought home what she had sent me to get....!


INDIA c.1705-8 Copper Half Paisa - Mughal Empire issue

(possibly from Hydarabad - KM #283.1)


Netherlands 1766 Copper Duit from Zelandia

(found with colonial coins of the former Dutch East Indies - KM #101)



Whilst this is not an official Society notification - the Editor of 'Numisnet World' occasionally publishes a meeting reminder*, as a courtesy to any fellow 'Tasmanian Numismatic Society' (T.N.S.) member - or other interested parties.

As a friend of the Society, the independent  'Numisnet World' also endeavours to pass on other relevant information supplied, whenever possible, in accordance with our publishing schedule.



Tasmanian Numismatic Society

Hon. Sec. C.A. Heath

P.O. Box 12,

Claremont. 7011.



Email:- misteeth@bigpond.net.au


Tasmanian Numismatic Society (T.N.S.) General Meetings are currently held at 6.30 p.m. on the last Tuesday of the month at the Civic Centre, 134 Davey St; Hobart.


If you have an interest in any of the branches of numismatics - coins, banknotes, medallions and tokens - please avail yourself of the auspices of this well-established organization by contacting the Secretary.




Some extremely interesting follow-up notes about the famous iconic 1976 Truganini Medallion were received just after our previous newsletter had been uploaded.


It is always great to learn the more intimate stories of how these things came to pass - and this is no exception..... Thanks to our long-time colleague and friend, Richard Watson, we now are historically enlightened .. and delighted!


The relevant details of several emails from Richard have been combined, and reprinted, with permission.


"The 'Truganini' medallion was produced when I was Secretary of the T.N.S. and working in a local Bank.

The reverse produced was the second choice for the medallion, I had hoped to get permission from the British Museum to use a painting that was part of their ethnography collection, however, the obstacles put in place, permission and fees, with the time frame for the centenary of the subject’s death, made it impossible.


Painting presumed to have been done by Thomas Brock


The painting represented a medallion that George Augustus Robinson had planned to issue; and the sketch was  presumed to be done by a colonial artist and ex-convict, Thomas Bock.


(It was provident that ..) The Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery gave permission for a compacted version of their famous diorama to be used. The obverse of the Medallion was based on a well known photo.



This had been rendered in to a line print issued in the 1800’s that gave the contours of her face making it easier for the designer to render into a die -  it was also published in the brochure that accompanied the medal.



Finally, the leaves and blossom of the Blue Gum Tasmania’s floral emblem were drawn by me to  give balance to the design. I can remember sitting at my desk, after the Bank had closed, to do the sketch for the floral emblem prior to sending all the necessary material off to Pobjoy Mint.

I should mention that I even took a currency contract out to ensure T.N.S. did not have a fluctuating price for the medallion based on the pound to the Australian dollar.


The issue coincided with the Centenary - and we had a Guest Speaker at our April 1976 meeting, Vivienne Rae Ellis, who had just published a book titled “Truganini – Queen or Traitor” ....  it is well worth reading.

We asked Pobjoy to deface the dies after completion, thinking they would just put a small blemish on the surface, but, they went right through leaving only about half of the design intact.

I believe the T.N.S. dies are all in the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.


The T.N.S.’s good fortune was that the Customs agent, in deliberations with Australian Customs, allowed the Medallions to be released without customs duty or sales tax - and it was only some week after release that the Customs decided we should have paid duty and tax ... however, after I pointed out that we had already disposed of them, it was decided not to pursue the matter."



Richard Watson



For further detail of 'Truganini (aka Lalla Rookh)' please refer to our previous article - http://www.vision.net.au/~pwood/jan03.htm





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VOLUME 21 - Issues 7 - 12, 2016


Issue 7, July 2016:-  http://www.vision.net.au/~pwood/july16.htm

BREXIT - The crack in the European Union appear to have started after the shock withdrawal of Great Britain. Time will tell how the decision will go - but the ramifications are worrying for some of the participants.

SPECIAL MOMENTS IN TIME - In the mid 1990's, as I reached out, via the Internet, to other coin clubs across the world - I found a eager colleague doing the same in Canada. A great relationship developed with the ANFC in Quebec for about 6 years when health problems took a heavy toll on this writer - however, I am now taking an opportunity of reliving a few memorable moments from that era.

WHAT DO YOU KNOW ABOUT OLD SPANISH SILVER COINAGE? - Spain - one of the world's great colonial powers of the middle of the last millennium - is a country with an immensely rich numismatic history. This basic article touches on a few things that any collector, who delves into the richness of  Spanish coinage should have at his/her fingertips. Many of the modern coins were donated courtesy of a currently misplaced Internet friend!

NOTABLE U.S. FUNNY MONEY! - Another niche has been taken up in my collecting space with a small but interesting cache of paper 'Funny Money'! Will it be a passing fancy - who knows?! ... however, it is not a particularly expensive one .. and I do find the theme interesting.

T.N.S. DINNER-MEETING ALERT - T.N.S. members.... reserve August 19th for a talk by Mr. Steele Waterman at the 'Horseshoe Inn'..


Issue 8. August 2016:- http://www.vision.net.au/~pwood/aug16.htm

IN MEMORIAM - It's been almost 11 years since my  soul-mate succumbed to illness. Pardon the indulgence of my annual mourning at this time.

A NEW TRADITION - A new Great Grand-daughter warrants a future heirloom!  A 2016 Baby Year Coin Set seemed ideal...!

NOT FORGOTTEN! - The Mint Set of 2016 was put away for safe-keeping ..... and I almost missed writing this brief review.

TREASURE TROVE IN TASMANIA - Notorious bushranger, Matthew 'Gentleman' Brady - c.1799 - 1826 - was purported to have hidden a fortune of new Gold Sovereigns in the area of Austin's Ferry in Tasmania during the mid 1820's - perhaps the rumour was true.... However, just maybe, he might have brought some of the coins North - and, perhaps, he may have stashed those he didn't spend, in one of his many haunts in the Northern districts.....

BITS 'N' PIECES - All stories come attached with bits of superfluous information gleaned from research - this is no different.....!

Places like the 'Woolpack Inn', 'Brady's Lookout' - and even a little local family history - make these tales more interesting at times.

CANADIAN DOLLAR COIN REVERSES & A BLAST FROM THE PAST! - A recent conversation with a Canadian friend prompted me to revisit a few articles about the coins of Canada and reprint them as a reminder of times past!

T.N.S. DINNER REMINDER - A final reminder was received to alert T.N.S. members, and friends, of the forthcoming Dinner-Meeting with Steele Waterman on the evening of Friday 19th August.  DO NOT LEAVE IT TOO LATE TO SEND YOUR ACCEPTANCE!


Issue 9. September 2016:- http://www.vision.net.au/~pwood/sept16.htm

IN MEMORIAM - It is now 15 full years since the world was horrified by the collapse of the Twin Towers in New York City as a result of a heinous act of terrorism.- LEST WE FORGET!

ANOTHER BLAST FROM THE PAST - Remembrance of a painful episode with an encounter with a rather grubby, paper Oz $10.00 note in September 2007 - and a fortuitous meeting with a former Prime Minister.

BASIC, BETTER - BEST -  Be aware that some very good replicas are now flooding the market - and not all of them are expensive - but they are fakes!

AEGIS of PONTOS - A bronze 21 Century old coin that nearly was discarded as unidentifiable!

T.N.S. Mid-Winter DINNER & LECTURE 2016 - A great  informative evening was, satisfactorily, spent with Steele Waterman and T.N.S peers.


Issue 10. October 2016:- http://www.vision.net.au/~pwood/oct16.htm

TALES FROM THE OLD WEST -  Texan born T.N.S. member, Jerry Adams, is a well-known collector of tokens and tales from the Old Wild West. The two articles in this issue are edited re-issues that were inspired by compilations that Jerry had provided some years ago about two notorious gangs - the Sam Bass Gang and the infamous Dalton Brothers.  A few additional facts have been included to update the stories.

A FEW MORE ANCIENT COINS - ROMAN - Every collection of World coins needs a few ancient reminders - and what better that the once mighty Rome.

CALLIGRAPHIC BEAUTY - Something different.. art in another form

T.N.S. - SOME INTERESTING MEDALLIONS - A few illustrations of Medallions produced for the 'Tasmanian Numismatic Society' in years gone-by.


Issue 11. November 2016:-

THE THINGS WE FIND!.- Numismatic opportunity knocks at the most curious times and in the strangest places.... A trip with a mate to look at a potential second-hand household item proved to be both memorable and, eventually, profitable.

SOME MORE FAIRLY OLD BITS - Continuing the author's 1990's dabble with Ancient or Middle Age coinage.

T.N.S. - An interesting note from T.N.S. colleague, Richard Watson, in regard to the beautiful Truganini medallion issued in 1976.





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