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in regard to the dual role of Editor



by Graeme E. Petterwood. TNS# 332


In 1991, this writer attended the first major 'International Coin Fair' in Hobart and was willingly solicited into the ranks of the Tasmanian Numismatic Society’ by a long-time friend, former Launcestonian, T.N.S. Hon. Sec. Chris Heath. To say that I jumped in 'boots 'n' all' is probably a bit of an overstatement - but, let's say I took my new membership seriously - and I was prepared to get deeply involved in something I had a great passion for!


My family home is in Launceston, in the central North of Tasmania, however, my late wife and I made the effort to travel the 123 miles to Hobart and attend special meetings and social functions over the next few decades and keep in contact with the many great T.N.S. friends we had made!

We also arranged and hosted several functions in the North - and we solicited and welcomed Northern and North-Western hobbyists - and potential Society members -  to our home, which became the Northern hub for many years, until my wife passed away in 2005.

Over the last 23 years or so, I have had the pleasure of being involved with some very remarkable people - some of whom will never pass this way again.



The Editor with T.N.S. Hon.Sec. Chris Heath and President Roger McNeice OAM.


However, there comes a time when we realise we aren’t getting any younger - and the fire in our bellies has dropped to a dull glow that needs to be tended far too frequently.

After more years than I now care to admit, I am now at that stage of life when those numbers are becoming impressive and I know that I should concentrate on family matters and get some private things sorted out.

That time has now manifested itself, to this writer - in the form of a gradually expanding range of health problems that are becoming somewhat tedious - so, it is with considerable reluctance that I have decided not to renominate for the official position as ‘Tasmanian Numismatist’ editor for 2015.

At the end of my current term of office, I intend to ease aside from my present 'Tasmanian Numismatist' editorial duties and pass the baton. I will welcome semi-retirement as soon as it is convenient for the Committee to make  alternative arrangements.

I will endeavour to continue contributing quality items to the 'Tasmanian Numismatist' newsletter - or its successor - for as long as possible - and, hopefully, I will also remain as a general T.N.S. member - available for mentoring and consultation - as long as I have something relevant to offer.


I plan to eliminate several other organizational positions, and commitments with other public bodies, that have also become too time-consuming or demanding both physically and mentally.



The first steps on the long journey of Discovery.....!

As our readers know, the hobby of Numismatics arouses a wide spectrum of interest  - it can be satisfying, rewarding - and, sometimes, even extremely frustrating.  It is, however, a hobby with many fascinating facets - and one of those facets is that of the gathering of medals and medallions from our nation's past..

The interest - and the depth of research needed within this field - particularly about those items with a military aspect - will sweep many of us deeply into its ambit with -  perhaps - more passion than we would ever imagine.

The recent update of the magnificent work - "Australians Awarded" - by Clive Johnson, has enabled many of us to delve deep into those awards that recognise the strong - or even tenuous - military roots and sacrifice that has been made by some from within our own families.



2nd. Edition

Compiled by Clive Johnson



The following illustrations are of items that have a direct connection with my own extended family.

Some of the campaign medals are basic, and some duplications are seen included in groups with other awards that were eligible to different members of our family warriors at different times and places.

We, as collectors, may glibly say that everyone who set foot in a particular area was given a 'gong' just for being there - but, for some of us - within our families, past and present - these bits of metal and ribbon are very special - because they had to be earned by participation in something far from the ordinary.



1.) Navy General Service Medal - (Instituted 1847.)

2.) Military Medal - (Instituted 1916.)

3.) 1914-15 Star; British War Medal 1914-18; Victory 1914-19.

4.) 1939-45 Star; 1941 Africa Star; 1939-45 Defence Medal; 1939-45 War Medal; Aust. Service Medal.


5.) 1939-45 Defence Medal; War Medal and Australian Service Medal for service under fire.

6.) 1939-45 Star; 1941-45 Pacific Star; War Medal and Australian Service Medal.


7.) 1945 -Current  Australian Defence Medal - (Instituted 2006);

Anniversary of National Service Medal 1951-72 - (Instituted 2001.)

8.) 1945-75 Australian Active Service Medal - (Instituted 1995); 1964-72 Vietnam Medal - (Instituted 1968);

Australian Defence Medal; Anniversary of National Service Medal; plus South Vietnam Campaign Medal (Vietnam Star with 1960 Clasp) - (Instituted 1964.)


No doubt, there are probably medallic awards, ribbons and other decorations tucked away among our family treasures - and almost forgotten.  

So much time has passed - and it behoves us all to say 'Lest We Forget!' - and gather these precious artefacts so they are not 'sold-off' or lost to us!



 - or was it really Cpl.JAMES PETTERWOOD?

Royal Marines.


For over 3 generations a family argument has raged about this Pensioner-Guard - a former Royal Marine Corporal -  who brought his family - and his surname - to Tasmania in 1850.

 Was he a PETTERWOOD - or was he a PETERWOOD?


The short version of family history compiled by his great-great-grandson

Graeme Petterwood.... or is it Peterwood? ...


My earliest  encounter with James PETTERWOOD was by way of a folded piece of very old yellowed writing-pad paper with a black- ink notation. It was rough scrawled in  a top corner - reminiscent of a 'thumbnail dipped in tar'!  

The note had been made by my great-uncle, James Henry PETTERWOOD, during a brief period of Military Leave in England - a lull from his duties as a 5th Division Ammunition Corps limber driver in France during WWI.

James Henry Petterwood - b.1893-d.1973 age 79

It was a copy of what 'Great-Uncle Jim' saw in the church where his grand-parents were married - and, it was this copy of a record dating back to 1836, that would have a huge impact on our family!

Those of our family who were using the alternative surname of PETERWOOD at that time were then presumed to be wrong - and over the next generation, the revised name - as currently used - PETTERWOOD - was grudgingly adopted, due to this written 'proof'  ... but that has now been proven wrong!




June 18, 1836 Parish of Portsea Church Entry (England)

(Gt.Gt. Grandfather) James PetterWood to Sarah Wyatt*

(*Sarah Petterwood - 1870 grave at Perth, Tasmania.)


When a modern photocopy of the Church record was eventually received, it was carefully examined - and it was soon evident that it was the Curate who had hand-written all the details - probably due to the illiteracy of the participants - or, perhaps, the Certificate was filled-in after the event. It is possible that the marriage was organized prior to one of James many 'calls to duty'. It may have been a simple misinterpretation - caused by - 'it sounded-like' - and nobody corrected the spelling - but, that small error in name-recording changed our family history!

In 1840, James sailed on the troop-ship, the steam-paddle sloop HMS 'Vesuvius' - which had just been refitted in Plymouth after a grounding accident in Cork Harbour.  His 'Ship Book Number' was 96 -  and he was listed as a Corporal, British Marines.  In 1842, he was eligible for the Navy General Service Medal with the Syria clasp.

Records show that he had already served in Canada and Ireland as a Private - so it appears that he was a long-term Marine.


Wording of Marriage Certificate dated 18th June 1836.
Marriages solemnized in the Parish of Portsea in the
County of Southampton, in the Year 1836.
(Handwritten names)
James Petter Wood  St. Marys, Bachelor
and Sarah Wyatt of this Parish, Spinster
were married in this Church by (Handwritten word) Banns
(Handwritten word) ....teenth (?) (balance of line illegible)
(Handwritten in words) Hundred and thirty six
(next line contains the Curate's name but remainder if any is illegible due to fold tears)
This Marriage was solem-
nized between us............
X of James Petter Wood
X of Sarah Wyatt
In the Presence of... X of D (illegible) Stanley
(.....?) Stanley (Parts of names are illegible due to fold tears)

This is a Copy of an Entry in the Register Book of the Parish of Portsea in the County of Southampton extracted this (Handwritten) 18th June 1836
By - J S Stewart Curate. (Initials of Curate are difficult to read due to fold tear)

Note: All handwriting is identical. The calendar of that year seems to indicate that the Saturday 18th June 1836 would be the most logical.



James and Sarah PETTERWOOD's family had grown-up during the turbulent mid-late 1800's.

By the time my literate great-grandparents married, the surname of PETERWOOD was in alternate use in Tasmania  - and this carried through another generation - until 1917 when the English record was rediscovered and the details, copied by my great-uncle, were sent back to Tasmania.

James Richard Peterwood, Robert Peterwood, and the surviving girls, Mary and Frances Peterwood and Elizabeth Petterwood, had all married and had stayed in Tasmania..  James Richard passed away in 1934 age 93. 


l to r. - James Richard, George and Robert Peterwood.

Great-great uncle James Richard (93) and great-grandfather Robert (84) died in the latter half of 1934 within 3 months of each other. Great-great uncle George (middle) passed away in 1947 (age 92).



  George Peterwood.

The youngest son, George, had gone to the US and NZ to seek his fortune during the Gold Rushes of the late 1890's  - he eventually returned and settled in the Longford district close to the family home where he continued with the PETERWOOD name until his death at age 92 in 1947.  One of George's sons, Albert George Peterwood, fought in WWI and another Vernon Peterwood went back to New Zealand to live and raise his own family of 2 girls who married and a son who had no issue but two adopted daughters.



January 3, 1876 Wesleyan Methodist Church of Tasmania (Torquay - Devonport)

(Gt.Grandfather) Robert Peterwood* to Hannah Williams.



Robert Peterwood (2 pics) 

Hannah Peterwood (nee Williams) and her youngest daughter, Hannah'Minnie' Petterwood.


It was Robert's offspring - including my grandfather Ernest Robert, brothers Arthur and James Henry and sister Hannah 'Minnie' - who became the first PETTERWOOD family to adopt the spelling after seeing the note - and then many of the others followed!   My grandfather's sisters  - excepting 'Minnie' - had all married as 'Peterwood's.


At one stage, I had several great-uncles - my grandfather's brothers - and distant cousins with different surnames.

Even though we now know that PETERWOOD is the correct spelling - the die had been cast and now we are ALL sticking with the PETTERWOOD version......for the time being.....! 




My gt.gt. grandfather, James Peterwood, who married Sarah Jane Wyatt in 1836, had a girl-child, Jane, who was born and died on the same day in mid-May, 1837, at a place called Clanfield in Hampshire.

As mentioned, he was a Royal Marine and he had earned the rank of Corporal by 1840 - and that means he was most probably moving around in service when he married and his first few children were born. 

He saw active service in the Mediterranean during that time 1840-42, on board HMS 'Vesuvius'

The British Naval records mentioned that he had earned the Naval General Service Medal.

A second child, a boy James Richard - arrived in early 1841 while the family was still stationed at Clanfield.  

A third child - a girl, Mary, arrived in 1842 at Dyfed, Pembroke Docks, Wales - but was christened in Clanfield in 1844.

Sarah had time to have another daughter, Selina Anne, born in 1845 - but the infant died (age 1) at Blendworth, Hampshire in mid-1847, which was another of the places where the family were probably stationed.

During the next few years, while he was out of the country again - James was recorded as being in operations at Sidon, Syria in 1847 as a Royal Marine Supernumeracy - Portsmouth Division - I presume that was possibly a held-in-reserve unit - but I will need to check the function of the Division ....!?

There were about 21,000 of these medals commissioned between 1793 - 1840,  but under 7100 were awarded for the Syrian campaign. The medal wasn't actually issued until 1847 - so he probably didn't even receive the gong until he was back in England in 1848 when he was being mustered out that year - as 'worn-out


Naval General Services Medal 1848

Issued in 1847 to recognise: 'Service in naval battles and boat actions between 1793 - 1840'

James immediately re-enlisted as a 'Pensioner-Guard' aboard a prison transport HMT'Blenheim' and, by 1850,  he and his wife and their surviving family, were on their way to Tasmania.

Other children had followed regularly each year from 1848 - however, one boy, Henry (age 2 ) born at Catherington, Hampshire - died en route to Australia in 1850 and was buried at sea. 

The British records say that James was on a 10 Pound p.a. military pension and had been granted three acres of land at a place called Longford - about 14 miles or so from Launceston, in Northern Tasmania.

Sarah and James had two more sons, Robert and George (1850 and 1855) and two more daughters - Frances (1853) and the last, Elizabeth, was born in 1859 when Sarah was 46.

Sarah died in 1870, and with one of her grand-children (her daughter Mary's son - John Connell age 0) she is buried a few miles away from Longford in a village called Perth

(I have located the grave - it's very beat-up, it had a tree growing through it when I found it).

I  have also located an early town map showing the small 5 acre land-grant that was at Seccombe St; Perth - just a few miles from Longford by a back road. The name on the Grant is -  Jas. Petterwood

On checking, the 5 acres had a few remnants of a house foundation - and some rusted corrugated iron roofing - but it is, otherwise, a barren worn-out paddock now suitable only for the few horses that were grazing there.



Part of an old township map of Perth, Tasmania.

James Peterwood (Petterwood) - ex British Royal Marine -  passed away age 92 in 1896 at Perth - however - there is small possibility that he may have been buried at another cemetery or plot -  as his death or internment is not listed on the old broken headstone of Sarah's - the only other carving on the sandstone is the later addition of the 11day old infant grandson, John Connell, who passed away in  Sept. 1871.


SARAH PETTERWOOD - Died May 16 1870 - Age 57

JOHN CONNELL - Born Sept 9 1871 - Died Sept 20 1871 





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If you live in Australia - or anywhere else for that matter - and you are looking for the ideal holiday in 2015- and really need professional help getting organized ....

Contact - Lara Gebka


44 Charles St., Launceston

Tasmania, Australia 7250

*Out-of-state callers - check your phone directories and please add the appropriate prefix(es) to the telephone number.





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However, we must also bear in mind that for every investment - there is someone hovering to grab a piece of the action if possible and they are not always as scrupulous as we are. Deal with recognized dealers when acquiring expensive numismatic items is always recommended!.

A COIN FOR OCTOBER - A tiny Silver coin from the Indian Princely States of pre-WWII India is a reminder of what used to be when intrinsic value of coinage was a done deal and such a low value coin had real buying power in the sub-continent.. In 1966, the islands of the Bahamas group were granted their own definitive currency and one of the larger-sized modern Silver coins made an appearance.

LARA & the 'VIKING' -  A recent trip to Central Europe was the opportunity for the Editor's Great-niece and Great-grand-nephew to see a beautiful part of Europe, that has had its share of problems until recent times - and bring back a few numismatic goodies for this old feller!


Issue 11. November 2014:-

AUSTRALIANS AWARDED - The receipt of the magnificent volume "Australians Awarded" - compiled and written by Clive Johnson was an eye-opener. It gave me an insight to the many medallions that are within our family circle - and it stirred a few memories .. and one or two ghosts.

The Founder of a Dynasty! - An addition of an extra letter on a Marriage Certificate has caused all sorts of problems with our Family Tree - it also spilled over in our family's military history - and, with recent medal research, I discovered brothers and cousins with different names on historical military rolls'





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