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Despite terrorist threats - and all that those insidious things imply - Anzac Day 2016 went ahead in various venues across the world wherever Australians and our New Zealand 'cousins' happened to be!  We now commemorate, on this day,  all of those conflicts in which our armed services have participated - and that now covers 4 - 5 generations at least.

Anzac Day is not meant to glorify War - but to honour all the sacrifices that go along with any effort to stem tyranny - in any form.

This 25th. April has now passed into recent history - and the medals have been put away and the drums have stopped playing for another year - however, the memories that many families have locked in their hearts - whether personal or passed down through history - will remain!





In our last issue, the gremlins struck - in the lead article - regarding the 21st. anniversary of the commencement of the fore-runner of this Internet newsletter.

Most of our usual readers would be well aware that the '1966' start, that was stated, was a rather long time before our Internet version even became an idea - let alone a numismatic media phenomenon that it is today!

The actual date was, of course, 1996 ....







LIKE GREAT FOOD - will Cash become a thing of the PAST?!

(Pic. courtesy "Good Housekeeping's COOKING Compendium"  - Reprinted 1959.)


Physically, when we are hungry, we need sustenance!

Sustenance, however, does not come cheap - most of our modern world citizens, who reside in cities and towns, now obtain the basic foodstuffs etc. at their local providores - such as a supermarket or, perhaps, still at the corner grocery store - and pay a considerable price for pre-prepared items, often with less than traditional forms of currency and coinage - but, what happens if there are no supermarkets or stores?

Many of today's people have forgotten - or never learned - inherent past skills, and, have no time nor expertise, to grow - or otherwise obtain from the land, air or sea - enough food to prevent themselves from starving to death.

In a worst case scenario, we would probably need to revert to some sort of barter to survive a basic day - as our forefathers did - and, possibly, swap our own expertise or labour for items we wanted or needed.

However, initially, let us only take this idea a small step or two backwards to see how we might cope..


At that time, all the Gold, Silver, Copper, Platinum or other blends of precious metal, would be of little value - and the modern base-metal stuff, the plastic or the printed poly-vinyl or paper that we cart around in our pockets, or wallets, would prove to be rather tasteless in most forms*....'Diced Dollars, anyone?!'

*Medically-speaking, however, it has long been known that the noble metals of Gold, Silver and Copper - plus a few other elements such as Iron - and even Iodine - are essential ingredients if the make-up of the human body is to remain healthy. 

If we don't have enough of them naturally present in our blood - we need to imbibe of them in various processed forms that our bodies can tolerate - under medical supervision, of course. These are some of the most valuable, and better known, elements we actually need for our physical well-being!

However, we would never sit down to an energy-drink consisting of a few teaspoons of powdered Gold or Silver - (and, we would surely shudder at the thought of a smear of Iodine on a wafer-thin toasted Platinum ingot) - nor, would we tend to gnaw or suck on bite-size chunks of Copper and Iron let alone shredded paper and plastic.


Modern populations experienced an historical era when certain types of cash money were well established and used extensively - but, we then oversaw its dramatic material change, and virtual demise, as technology - in the form of electronic chips embedded in plastic cards - took over. One day, however, that very same technology - that our modern generation embraced so fervently - may not be available due to a dire emergency or some other cataclysmic event! This will be 'Humpty Dumpty' time!

After we try to put everything back together again - or, at least, into some semblance of order - we may have to use our ingenuity once again to find a simple historical solution to enable us - the modern technological man - to swap things of perceived value for our life's essentials.






One of the most useful things, that will probably make an active reappearance in the future, is the 'Good For' token, in some form or other.

Most tokens can be cheaply produced in controllable quantities - and will retain a value of sorts as long as a local administration of such fiat currency remains uncorrupted and in place.

Occasionally, they can also identify with material products that identify with a given area and which are in demand elsewhere.

It is not a new phenomena - in fact it is an adaptation of an ancient idea.

After all, how did official money get its start ....!?


Tokens are usually physically portable items - often with a 'Use-by-date' time element involved -- often made to look like coinage or currency notes which evolved as they did from necessity. Sometimes they are even official or semi-official issues!

These vouchers usually denote a promise to reimburse a supplier with something of perceived equal value.

A token item, be it metal or paper - or, indeed, any other easy to produce fabric - that attains an accepted 'value' - something that can be set or readily negotiated between buyers and sellers - and which can be, eventually, exchanged in a transaction that satisfies both parties - is as good as currency, if the mutual goodwill is maintained.

The Kmart vouchers from times past (shown above) actually developed a life of their own amongst suburban housewives as 'small change'....!

Already some U.S. communities and privately formed, unofficial, micro-nations and 'realms' are in the process of bypassing formal currency in favour of a percentage of local token currency - much in the manner of the Notgeld - Gutschein phenomena in Europe during the 1920's.



Good for 5 Mark of pre-inflation official currency.


Good for 500,000 Mark of hyper-inflating official currency at the going day-rate.

Issue date 11 August 1923 - Expiry date 1 September 1923

The inflationary era promissory notes usually had little or no backing but the expressed goodwill of those who used them - and were redeemable within a stipulated period - usually stated on the paper.



Ducal coinage - privately issued by the self-proclaimed Prince John, Duke of Avram


In the recent past, some of these self-proclaimed 'micro-nations' - as well as some commercial or tourist enterprises - have issued their own token currency for 'internal use' .. mainly to purchase locally produced merchandise or services.

The cost of having these printed is usually very economical and they are exchanged or 'sold' at a value, set by the issuer, to the clientele.

The organizations also rely on a certain amount of client retention to generate a small profit  Another item to generate income...!





These (above) are the sorts of relatively cheaply produced, unofficial, currency notes that are purchased at face value for venue use.

Many are retained as souvenirs - and never used nor reimbursed - thus making a profit (seignorage) for the issuers.


Some of the items shown would probably be a little too elaborate to be mass produced after a cataclysm - but - ideas once converted into something simple and workable can be adapted in all sorts of ways. We humans are ingenious - and we usually retain what we learn.

Printing presses and electric-powered foundries will probably not be laid on - nor will suitable personnel, with expertise, be readily available - suitable metals always becomes scare during or after conflict - and paper will be in short supply and pre-printed material may have to be sourced and re-utilized. Every chore will need to be reduced to its most basic elements so that untrained people can work things out.






Re-usable and 'Good For 1 LOAF '

Will it come to this?






Specimen of the new AUD$5.00 note to be issued September 1st. 2016.

The reverse feature is Australia's Federal Parliament House in an updated version.


The recently released illustration of the new AUD$5.00 note (above), to be issued later this year, differs markedly from the original proposed new design featuring Sir Henry Parkes and Helen Spence (shown below) which appears to be now on the back-burner - at least, temporarily!

It appears that Australian politicians are not quite ready to discard our Gracious Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II  from our banknotes.... as yet!

The frequently used $5.00 has been the monetary vehicle for the Queen's portrait since 1992 - and, like the Lady herself - it may still have a few good years left in it still!




Sir Henry Parkes - Catherine Helen Spence


The other new designs are, basically, a rehash of the illustrations previously decided upon - a new look at the portraits was undertaken and the following scans may - or not be - those that will be used on the final batch of 'fantastic plastic' that will be soon in our pockets.

A few suggestions have made headlines in this regard - including a petitioned one about the late great Fred Hollows being added to the list.

(Scans not to scale.)


A.B. 'Banjo' Paterson - Dame Mary Gilmour


Mary Reibey - Dr. John Flynn


David Unaipon - Edith Cowan


Dame 'Nellie' Melba - General John Monash

It will be interesting to view these new designs when - or if - they eventually roll off the presses over the next few years.

As a numismatist for over two decades - and with many more years behind me, on a personal level - I am watching history unfold once more!


For those who readers who may be unfamiliar with the stories behind the faces on Australia's Polymer banknotes, a link can be accessed at:-







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VOLUME 21 - 2016

Issue 1. January 2016:- http://www.vision.net.au/~pwood/jan16.htm

EDITORIAL - A brief history of the newsletter - and realization that everything has its time in the Sun - but history continues, no matter what!

A NUMISMATIC HINT - ANDA (Australian Numismatic Dealers Association) published a small, handy booklet a few years ago - a 'freebie' - to assist new gatherers of Australian coinage. Worthy of inclusion in any collector's library!

SUPPLY & DEMAND! - Our hobby - be it as pure collecting members of a club, or those with a more altruistic commercial interest - rely on that basic rule - Supply and Demand! This brief memorandum gives a few clues on how to get started - buying or selling - and a few hard-learned handy-hints might allow us to strike a balance that keeps the whole business thing, of negotiating prices, on an even keel.

CORRECTION - We all make mistakes at times....!


Issue 2. February 2016:- http://www.vision.net.au/~pwood/feb16.htm

DECIMAL CURRENCY COMES TO OZ! - The next best thing to 'sliced bread' was the eventual opinion when 'Dollar Bill' started to let the Australian population know that Decimal Currency was coming to town. This reprise may stir a few memories of that day, in February 1966, we started playing with Dollars and Cents!


Issue 3. March 2016:-  http://www.vision.net.au/~pwood/mar16.htm

THE SAGA OF AUSTRALIA'S FIRST POLYMER BANKNOTE 1988 - The trials and tribulations connected with our first issue of 'fantastic plastic' (polymersubstrate) was big news back in 1988 - but it was solved -and our expertise has been adopted all over the world. This brief article gives a brief look at our first effort,

BURIED TREASURE & PARAPHERNALIA! - I'm a bit like an old pack-rat - I hoard 'treasure' away and forget about it - and when I do find it - it is like it is brand new!  In 1991, after the first International Coin, Banknote and Medal Fair in Tasmania,  I did exactly that - and, in 2016, I found some of it!

AN OBSERVATION - Time is creeping up on many older gatherers who started the hobby in 1966 with the advent of Decimal Currency in this country. The market place is seeing, more frequently, various prestige life-time accumulations being offered for auction. Where will prices go? - and will it divide the hobby into two distinctive parts - collectors or speculators ..... or -  has that already occurred?!


Issue 4. April 2016:- http://www.vision.net.au/~pwood/april16.htm

21st. ANNIVERSARY of the INTERNET EDITION - EDITOR'S COMMENT - A decision has been made - and, it HAS been an extremely tough call, after 21 years, to attempt to set a December deadline for the last issue of this newsletter that I have nurtured and watched grow. My reluctance to let it go has been a tangible thing, but, I know that it had to be done!.

A TOUCH of HISTORY - THE GUN in the PARK. - Memories from childhood were linked when we shared the history of the Victoria Cross and a large captured Bronze cannon from Sebastopol that is now located in a local park!

KIANG NAN DRAGON SILVER DOLLAR - FACT or FICTION? -  All that glisters is not Gold - nor are all Silver looking metal coins precious!  Well-made replicas can create problems! Caveat Emptor!


Issue 5. May 2016:-

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN THE REAL MONEY STOPS? - History provides us with examples and, no doubt, our imagination will conjure up alternatives when official money becomes scarce or even non-existent

PROPOSED NEW DESIGNS - A short time back, a new range of proposed design changes to Australia's polymer substrate currency range was released.

A recent release of a further change to that series appeared in the press - and indicates that we are not yet the republic as many are forecasting.

The Queen - who is now 90 years young - stays a little longer! God Bless Her!






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