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The first and foremost thing we modern collectors need to realize is that, historically, all sorts of items have been used as a form of exchange - they were intended to be accepted as a sort of fiscal tender - legal or otherwise -  in communities that needed means of continuing commerce when unusual money emergencies arose! 

However, it is not this polyglot of barter items that I intend to discuss at this time.


Last month, while doing some physical sorting of coins and tokens held in an office storage unit, during an enforced idle period while deprived of electrical power, I came across a couple of battered lever-arch folders in which I had stored a number of paper items that fitted uneasily between numismatics and exonumia.

I knew that they were already listed electronically, but the actual items had been pushed to the rear of my office locker and forgotten.

This odd gathering of paper currency - sometimes referred to as 'Specialized Issues' or, more crudely, as 'Funny Money' - had been accumulated some years previously, and, because the folders had been 'out-of-sight' for quite a while, they caught my attention...and held it!  I actually needed to remind myself about the history of these 'not quite normal ' issues - and why I had decided to keep them!


In the interests of rationality, I decided that, as most of us are aware of the major inflationary instances of last century - that period might be a good starting-point!

Due to the fact that this is a tremendously large area to cover - like other gatherers before me - a choice had to be made about an area to concentrate upon. I had initially chosen the Austrian - German field to ponder.

However, from time to time, interesting oddments came into my possession from further fields - and they may creep into the current conversation, as well!


A fair portion, of the re-discovered notes, were from that early 1900's era and are mainly central European - they were well-worn - and some were decidedly dilapidated! Many appeared to have been professionally printed and signed by authorities - and they designed to circulate, locally, alongside national legal tender issues.

However, there were a few mysterious 'also-rans'  - as well as the almost mandatory truckloads of different 'Gutschein' and 'Notgeld' notes which were mass produced in Austria and Germany and they are usually very economical to obtain from dealers' scrap books!  (That may be about to change!)

Eventually, many large notes were printed on whisper-thin tissue and the small notes on inferior card-paper - with little more than a printed promise of redemption - during a period when the results of the first global war had devastated the economies of a large number of European nations.


As they say - 'A picture is worth a thousand words! ' - so I have decided to let some selected scans of items I have accumulated do just that. Please note that these visual presentations are not shown to accurate scale - and it should be also noted that actual notes from the same sources do occasionally vary in cut size for various reasons of economy at the time of production. The measurements I have shown are of my own samples.

There will be some explanatory references and notations, of course - but the idea is to awaken a few thoughts within our own readers' minds about their collecting habits and encourage a few to, perhaps, widen those thoughts to include the adventuresome prospect of a forgotten corner of the numismatic field to dowse - investigate and cultivate!

WORLD WAR I .. and aftermath!

Folder #1 - Part One.

Notgeld.. Kriesgeld.. Gutschein.. Billet..


Germany - Westfalen 20 Mark Notgeld (Kriegsgeld) - dated 10 October 1918 (14cms x 9cms)





Germany - Cologne 5 Mark Gutschein - dated 18 October 1918 (12.5cms x 8cms)

Germany - Rothenburg State 50 Pfennig Kriegsgeld - dated 31 October 1918 (9cms x 6cms)

 Germany - Krumbach Stadt 500,000 Mark Gutschein (uniface) - dated 11 August - 1 September 1923

Germany - Landau aber(on the) Isar 500,000 Mark (uniface) - dated August 1926

K (14.25 x 9.5 cms) - L.a.I (17cms x 10cms)




Austria - Grunbach b.Freistadt  80 Heller Gutschein - dated 16 May 1920 - 31 January 1921

Austria - Gainfarn Freistadt 10 Heller Gutschein - dated 26 May 1920 - 31 December 1920

Austria - Pernau District 10 Heller Gutschein - dated 15 October 1921 - 31 October 1921

GbF (8cms x 5.3cms)- GF (11cms x 6.75cms) - P (8.3cms x 5.5cms)


This is a huge collecting field and provides a gigantic menu for the most insatiable gatherer!

In most instances there are no known printing figures available and many were not numbered nor were subsequent printings given a new production date.


As mentioned, on occasion, a note may have come into my possession from a collecting area outside of that on which I have usually concentrated. It illustrates the fact that many places and organizations, in other nations of Europe, also had filled a gap in their available official currency with locally produced paper money to tide them over!

The small change 'billet' (below) issued by Chambre de Commerce de Bayonne in the Pyrenees is such an example from among the scores of other Chambers of Commerce scattered across France at that time.

The inscription at the bottom of this 50 Centimes note (shown below) - indicates that it can be exchanged at equivalent face value in legal tender, if presented at the Bank of France* (Echangeable contre des Billets de la Banque de France.)


France - Bayonne Chamber of Commerce 50 Centimes Billet - dated 17 November 1919 (8.8cms x 6.2cms)





1914 - 1947

(2nd. Printing 1988)



For want of anything better!*

*This conservative 184page publication, with its Introduction in English - German text, compiled by Courtney L. Coffing, was printed some time ago as a handy guide and check-list - it was not meant be presented as an illustrated catalogue!

Whilst previously known information - compiled by German-born, Dr. Arnold Keller and Dr .Hjalmar Horace Greeley Schacht (born in Denmark of German parentage - whose parents married in New York) was used as a basis of this later compilation - it took a lot of extra work by Coffing to bring it up-to-date and put it into a perspective that became a handy work-tool for both Paper and Metal Notgeld collectors ... it is a good early dig into a very complicated area of our hobby.


To quote, in part, from the information supplied from the notes of Dr. Arnold Keller in regard to early German issues:-

"In 1914, 452 localities issued 5,500 notes. ...from 1916 and 1922 notes under One Mark were from 3,658 places and totalled 36,000 notes ... in 1923,  800 places produced 70,000 notes...."  

As you can see, we are talking about a lot of paper from a lot of places ...!

How many un-numbered notes and denominations in an individual printer's production-run for a official issuer is anyone's guess without accurate figures from these sources - many of these print-shops were small local businesses and details were not kept - or certainly not for long - in those chaotic days. 


Using the illustrations of the Austrian and German Gemeinde (District communities) etc. shown above; this short-list, from the hundreds known - gives an indication of the types of Notgeld/Gutschein that were known to have been issued in note or 'metal token coin' form.


WESTFALEN:- Municipal Paper and Municipal Metal

COLOGNE:-  State Paper and Private Paper

ROTHENBURG:-  Municipal Paper, Private Paper and Municipal Metal

KRUMBACH (Bavaria):- Municipal Paper and Municipal Metal

LANDAU-ISAR (Bavaria):- Municipal Paper and Private Paper

GRUNBACH/GAINFARN/PERNAU (Austria):- Municipal Paper only

BAYONNE Basse-Pyrenees (France);- Municipal Paper, Private Paper, Municipal Metal and Private Metal   


This 2nd. edition of Coffing's 'Guide and Checklist of World Notgeld' (published and copyrighted 1988 by Krause Publications) does have some intriguing pics of a selection of the smaller-sized  notes interspersed - in B/W - that are to scale, but this condensed publication is so basic that it lacks many other definitive details - such as listed denominations, or confirmed size details of larger notes - and, without the essential dash of colour in the illustrations, they are somewhat difficult to imagine as attractive collectible items due to this lack of information, and ....panache!  Still handy!


Basic Check List Presentation.

(Numbers represent):-  1. Municipal Paper  2. Private Paper  3. POW Paper  4. POW Official Metal 

5. POW Private Metal  6. Municipal Metal  7. Private Metal  8. Gas Tokens  9. Food; Beer; Consumer goods 

10. Naval; Military Canteen  11. Encased; un-encased Stamps  12. Streetcar Tokens  13. Porcelain  14. WWII issues

15. Concentration, Civilian Internment Camps.


As mentioned, issue production figures, and any sort of contemporary price estimations, were only vaguely considered in the Introduction due to the plethoric issues and the lax nature of original records within this field, and they were only discussed in general terms, by the compiler who was, primarily, interested in gathering and presenting details of the known community issuers (not the job printers) of Notgeld, Gutschein and similar items before that essential history disappeared.


Part Two:-

Emergency Issues, Inflation notes etc. from post WWI and WWII eras are to be presented in a future issue!



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'TASMANIAN NUMISMATIST' - Just a reminder that this Editor has now relinquished the position of Editor of the T.N.S. Tasmanian Numismatist' newsletter after 20 years, and all correspondence regarding the Society should be directed through the Secretary or the President. As a T.N.S. member, I plan to continue contributing articles .

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PRE-2000 CURRENCY TRIVIA - Details, details, details!  What would we do without them? Here are a few good handfuls of assorted trivia for you to peruse -  and, hopefully, they may be of use some day!


Issue 6. June 2015:-

WHAT WAS LOST - IS FOUND! - We all do it at times - misplace stuff in the most obscure of places in our own homes! Recently, I re-discovered - after a frustratingly long search in all the usual places- some lost 'treasures'... of sorts!  In recent years, the interest in NOTGELD and other Emergency paper money items has been revitalised somewhat.... they never will be a real fortune-maker in a money sense... however, some of these items, particularly the hard-to-come-by issues, are now being considered 'historical rarities' instead of scraps of near worthless printed paper.

FOR WANT OF ANYTHING BETTER !* - Long neglected as too hard - this field has suddenly started to stir once more. Unfortunately, information is still not readily available to wannabe gatherers - so all clues are eagerly sought!





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