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While doing some physical sorting of coins and tokens held in an office storage unit, during an enforced idle period while deprived of electrical power, I came across a couple of battered lever-arch folders in which I had stored a number of paper items that fitted uneasily between numismatics and exonumia.

I knew that they were already listed electronically, but the actual items had been pushed to the rear of my office locker and forgotten.



During the late 1990's certain dramatic changes were wrought on the financial structures of some major Central European nations. The devastating flow-on fiscal effects that would have occurred to some smaller countries in other areas of the world was off-set to an extent by the long lead in period - thus allowing a period of re-adjustment..

However, these changes have now taken place and they have impacted on the way the world does business!


2002 50 Euro (Italy issue) (Kr.#4)

Recent history has shown us that most of the original European countries rose to the challenges that the new monetary system brought with it - but, others remained mendicant states - still hovering on the brink of an undersea abyss of financial chaos -  and, acting like sea-anchors dragging at the stability of the whole system.

The aligning of European currencies also had a deep effect on other peripheral nations - big and small - as well as those who were part of the 'colonial' web of nations that France and Spain had spawned.


Revaluations of currencies occurred in places as far apart as Russia - Zimbabwe during the 1990's and the lead-in to the fiscal upheaval that was becoming imminent at that time.

Some of these adjustments were very dramatic - and some currencies in these other places are still reeling under the impact. The illustrations (below) are self-explanatory!



1995 Bank of Russia 10000 Rubles (Kr.#263)

1997 Bank of Russia 10 Rubles (Revalued) (Kr.#273)



2007 Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe One Dollar (Kr.# ...)

2008 Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe One Hundred Million Dollars (Kr.# ...)


1968-9 Biafra Pound has re-surfaced! (Kr. #5a.)


Zimbabwe no longer uses its own currency but relies heavily on a polyglot mixture of Euros, Dollars and other more stable African currencies - and, it has been recently noted that hoards of defunct Biafran Pounds have been resurrected and pressed into service to act as a local form of exchange in areas close to where they had been used prior to that nation failing.




An Observation!


It is in the nature of dedicated numismatists to have favourite nations from which to garner our spoils!

These nations take precedence in our collecting habits - but not in all cases!

In most instances, these favoured nations are those major ones with long established currencies - they may have had their historical 'ups 'n' downs', and, over the centuries they can have had major events that shaped their money matters into occasional special conglomerations that fascinate us even more  - but they still retain their initial stable base.


However, all of these fascinating developments had to start somewhere - just as our current small, emerging entities have had to do in this 'modern' age - so! - let us look a little closer at the numismatic-oriented developments that have occurred within a span of recent decades.


1943-4 Military Currency

Small value Emergency Paper money issued by the victorious Allies.


In recent articles, I have featured the well-known types of war-time paper emergency notes, - Notgeld, Gutschein etc. - but, these reminders of WWI and WWII eras have now been superseded by a new breed of temporary official paper that made its appearance during the dramatic political upheaval of the early 1900's

This very short essay, with its few illustrations, feature some of these newer 'little guy' paper offerings - which may, or may not, stand the time test as well as their predecessors within the emergency issues sphere!


1991 Lithuania - interim 0.50, 3 and 100 Talonas notes.(Kr.#31,33 and 38)


1994 Lithuania Litas notes.(Kr.#53)

Some of the new short-term notes, that started to proliferate in Europe at the turn of the Millennium, were deliberately designed as 'Coupons' - but, others, took their time residing in the wallets of the Central Europeans at the end of the Soviet era, in particular.


1991 Ukraine interim 1 & 3 Karbovanets Coupons.(Kr.# 81 - 82)

1991 Croat interim 5 & 10 Dinara notes.(Kr.# 17 - 18)


1993 Croatian 20 Kuna note (Kr #30)

Until more comprehensive general note series were firmly established - as emerging nations flexed their muscles of independence - the acceptance and buying power of these interim issues were still anyone's guess - and, no doubt, the secondary market prices for currency collectors will find their  own level - as they always do - when they start to become collectables instead of a necessity!!


1990 Slovenia various values interim Tolarjev notes. (Kr.# 1,2,3,4 and 5.)



1993 Kazakstan Central Bank 5 & 10 Tiyin small change notes. (Kr #3 - 4)


In my own accumulation, I regret that I have not as many of the earliest examples, of these new age currency notes, as I would like.  Recognising the ones that will, eventually, 'hit the big-time' as desirable, is still a hard call in this changing world of paper versus plastic and even electronic finance.



Obviously, these illustrations only represent a portion of similar currency notes or coupons that were issued during some very tumultuous eras during the 1990's.

With the passage of time - most of those notes shown are now only available, in pristine condition, on the numismatic market. However, never dismiss these low value pieces of paper as superfluous to the main currency of a nation - they are an historical part of it - and they should be accorded a well-earned spot in any general collection.


I must apologize for the brevity of this issue - an extended bout of respiratory ill-health has been a real problem this last month....!


Main Reference:-

Krause's Standard Catalog of World Paper Money Vol 3.



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WHAT WAS LOST - IS FOUND! - We all do it at times - misplace stuff in the most obscure of places in our own homes! Recently, I re-discovered - after a frustratingly long search in all the usual places- some lost 'treasures'... of sorts!  In recent years, the interest in NOTGELD and other Emergency paper money items has been revitalised somewhat.... they never will be a real fortune-maker in a money sense... however, some of these items, particularly the hard-to-come-by issues, are now being considered 'historical rarities' instead of scraps of near worthless printed paper.

FOR WANT OF ANYTHING BETTER !* - Long neglected as too hard - this field has suddenly started to stir once more. Unfortunately, information is still not readily available to wannabe gatherers - so all clues are eagerly sought!


VOLUME 20 - 2015


Issue 7. July 2015:-

WHAT WAS LOST - IS FOUND (Part2) - Modern Inflation Money. I have only cited a couple of examples - but there are scores of course!

THE LITTLE GUYS COUNT AS WELL! - During the last 2 decades or so - a change has swept over global financial institutions, and, our day-to-day cash money - the physical stuff that we have taken for granted for a lifetime - has started to alter as well.  It has been a sudden change, but, it has encompassed a period of transition in some instances. For older members of our numismatic fraternity - it harks back to days between the two World Wars when emergency money became a fact-of-life! 





The contents of this independent Internet newsletter, and all prior issues - included the 'Tasmanian Numismatist - Internet Edition' - are copyrighted ©, but anything herein can be fairly used to promote the great hobby of numismatics; however, we do like to be asked by commercial interests if they wish to use any of our copy. This permission, however, does not extend to any article specifically marked as copyrighted © by the author of the article.

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