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Yes! It's been 12 months already!








Since 1996, the continuance of these online issues has always been totally reliant on the inclination, finances, literary ability - and, particularly, on the  well-being of the Editor's health to write and produce this publication - with the help of family and a few dedicated friends. 

Traditionally - between now and the beginning of April -  those parameters need to be reviewed, due to any changing circumstances - and - any perceived need for change of format, frequency - or whatever -  are usually addressed.

However, as we all know, circumstances can change unexpectedly  ... and, at those times, decisions have to be made as needs arise!

It has recently become obvious, to this ancient Editor, that time and associated issues, in particular, have just about caught up with him - and that, in the interests of our readers - who have come to expect that a quality publication be presented each month -  consideration will have to be given to whether we will need to ease back, change direction -  or, by inclination ... at this moment in time - to draw the final line and finish decisively on a high note as pre-prepared copies are exhausted by publication. The umpire's decision is pending - this time, there will be no slow motion, hot spot ,instant replays - so, it's going to be a tough final call!



On 1st. April 1996, the first Internet Edition issue of the independently produced 'Tasmanian Numismatist' appeared - it was a trial run of only 3 pages of simple text, voluntarily prepared by the Editor, to test the new World -Wide -Web format (see below) for the 'Tasmanian Numismatic Society (T.N.S.)

At its inception, the Internet newsletter had been granted the right to utilise the same banner as the official printed paper newsletter produced for the Society. It proved to be successful enough to warrant continuance....... and, with private financial funding, it functioned reasonably flexibly within the Society's guidelines, without undue Executive interference, until the end of 1996 when the test results were assessed.


At that time, the T.N.S. Executive Committee decided, in its wisdom, that the finance that would be required to make the extra Internet version permanent would an unwarranted impost on the Society's strictly limited funds -  so, it was not forthcoming.

It meant that the Internet version never became an official controlled adjunct of the Society - but - the Executive were quite affable to the 'unofficial' version of the Society-friendly newsletter being uploaded to the Internet - especially when the private funding was continued courtesy of the Editor who clearly saw the potential of the technology.

After discussion - and by mutual agreement - the 'Tasmanian Numismatist' name remained unchanged so as to voluntarily link the Internet version with the 'Tasmanian Numismatic Society' and its printed publication.


Even though the wider international appeal soon became obvious, and a number of new non-attending members were recruited via the Internet, the decision for it to remain a privately funded publication was still upheld. 

The Society's membership fee structure was altered to accommodate the new 'Associate' class that were attracted to the Society - and, if the new readers cared to officially nominate for T.N.S. status, and inclusion in other Society events, they became eligible for full membership.

However, the private Internet newsletter became - and still is - completely free from any outside obligation - including that to the T.N.S.  - and it functions purely as a tool to entertain and educate those who enjoy our hobby.


On 1st. July 2007, the Internet version affably severed its 11 y.o. informal ties with the 'Tasmanian Numismatist' printed newsletter - mainly due to international logistical reasons - although it continued to maintain a close relationship with the Society and shared information.

The Editor of the 'Tasmanian Numismatist' printed newsletter was still the Editor of the private Internet version - until his recent retirement.

In the interests of rationalism, it had been decided to continue with the established volume and issue numbering system of the established 'Tasmanian Numismatist' - Internet Edition publication - which started each annual Volume on 1st. January - but, with a name change to 'Numisnet World' to save confusion and to indicate its more international aspect and total independence.

It is now time to consider the ramifications of any decision that needs to be made in regard to the future of this newsletter.



The Tasmanian Numismatist

Internet Edition

Volume 1 Issue 1                       April 1996 


This year will be a busy one for the Society. Each month we will have a guest speaker with subjects ranging from the Order of St. John, Forgeries, Old Tasmanian Silver, Masonic Medals and Tokens.

The monthly displays will continue so items of interest are most welcome for display and discussion.


N.A.A. Council Meeting. - Christopher Heath and Roger McNeice will be attending the N.A.A. Council meeting in Adelaide in May.


Member Information. - Dorothy Lockwood and Frank Hrinkow are still on the sick list. We hope that both will soon be well enough to attend meetings.



Some time ago a correspondent to the Australian Coin Review mentioned having found an unlisted Austrian Ducat dated 1752 bearing the legend 'FRANC. D.G. R.I.S. A. GER. IER. REX.' with the portrait of Francis of Lorraine on the obverse, and the legend 'TU DOMINE SPES MEA' on the reverse.

This 'coin' was, in fact, manufactured and distributed on behalf of the "Reader's Digest' organisation some 12 years ago as a promotional gimmick. They regularly turn up in dealer's  scratch-boxes or at markets in both 'gold' or 'silver' finishes.


Also appearing again are examples of the facsimile banknotes known in the trade as 'Kool Pop' notes.

Issued by White Wings Limited over 20 years ago, these notes can be mistaken by members of the public who are not familiar with their history!

A complete list of these 'notes' has been issued by Mick Vort-Ronald from his informative book 'Banks of Issue in Australia' (published in 1982). They are printed on thickish coloured paper, identically on both sides, and measure 127x77mm., which is a lot smaller than the real things.

The following list may prove to be valuable in the event you are approached to identify any of these items:

·                Australian and European Bank. 10 Pounds. Serial No. 08001.
·                Bank of Adelaide. 50 Pounds. Serial No. 02210. (Marked PAID 11th. Dec. 1875).
·                Bank of Newcastle. 5 Pounds. Serial No. A3. Dated 18th. June 1828.
·                Commercial Banking Company of Sydney. 1 Pound. Serial No.   B100000.
·                London Chartered Bank of Australia. 10 Pounds. Serial No. 4000.
·                National Bank of Australasia. 1 Pound. Serial No. 002.
·                Queensland National Bank. 1 Pound. Serial No. B50001.
·                Royal Bank of Australia. 1 Pound. Serial No. 114. 
·                Sydney Deposit Bank. 1 Pound. Serial No. A5978. 
·                Union Bank of Australia. 50 Pounds. Serial No. 3/J2930 (Incorrectly shown as 2390).

This writer has samples of both the 'Reader's Digest ' Ducat and the Bank of Newcastle 5 Pounds and it is no wonder Joe Public can be fooled!



On the 8th. May 1876, Truganini (also known as Lalla Rookh), the daughter of Mangana the chief of a powerful Bruny Island tribe of Tasmanian Aboriginal people, passed away in Hobart at the residence of Mr. & Mrs. Dandrige in Macquarie St. at the age of 73.

Truganini was reputed to be the last full-blooded member of her race, and for 100 years her bones were held at the Tasmanian Museum in Hobart, until public opinion and the pleas of the descendants of theTasmanian aboriginal community finally allowed her the dignity of cremation.

Her ashes were scattered, in an emotional ceremony, on the waters of D'Entrecastreaux Channel near Bruny Island in May 1976.

The Tasmanian Numismatic Society issued, what has been described as one of our most beautiful medallions at the same time.

The No. 1 medallion was donated to the Tasmanian Museum.



The 30th. Anniversary of the issuance of Decimal Currency in Australia on 14th. Feb. 1966 almost went unheralded except by those that had reason to remember.

The 'Launceston Examiner' of Feb. 15th.1966 reported that the staff of the now defunct iron-mongers, J. R. Green Pty. Ltd., were the first people in Australia to be paid in the new currency. The reason was that, 70 years previously, the pious management, after consultation with the staff, transferred the payday from Friday to Monday to safeguard the employees from the dangers of intemperance and the races at the weekend!



These illustrations were not published in the first Internet version of the 'Tasmanian Numismatist' April 1996 due to the World-Wide-Web technology being brand-new to the writer and many others in Australia at that time - and the issue was essentially only a text test run. How things have changed in the last two decades!


The late Dorothy Lockwood and the late Frank Hrinkow.

Two of the great T.N.S. supporters during the 1990's.



Reader's Digest Ducat - base metal mock-up of the 1752 Austrian Ducat


Reader's Digest copy on thick card - 1828 Bank of Newcastle Five Pounds



Truganini - aka Lalla Rookh.

1803 - 1876

51mm. Bronze Medallion produced for the 'Tasmanian Numismatic Society' in 1976

(Sample #151 of 225 issued by Pobjoy Mint) 

Catalogue #McN46 - recent market price AUD$125.00


Commissioned by the Tasmanian Numismatic Society, this 51mm medallion is one of the most poignant produced for the Society. It was available in two metals - (a)Silver (100) and highly polished field (b)Bronze (225) with matte finishes. These have become scarce as Tasmanian history has emphasized the importance of cultural loss that occurred in the era prior to Truganini's death. The medallion features a depiction of a copy of a line drawing of Truganini as the obverse, and a small family group of 3 near the stretch of water we know as the Derwent River beneath Mt. Wellington where the city of Hobart is now established.

Prices in the 1990's were (a) AUD$200 and (b) AUD$100 - even then they were over 6 times their original 1976 issue prices - and, it is obvious, these items would be far more expensive now, if available. (McN #46 (a) (b)


Due to a delay in production the medallion was not available until a few days after the cremation and sea-burial of Truganini's bones - which had been finally recovered from the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery after being on display and in storage for 100 years.

You should read the full story: http://www.vision.net.au/~pwood/jan03.htm

It is of some interest to note that this success in petitioning for the release of Truganini's remains started a world-wide, and on-going, campaign to recover other Tasmanian aboriginal remains from mainland and overseas museums.


Main Reference:

"Tasmanian Commemorative Medals and Medallions - A Collector's Handbook - Volume 2" by Roger V. McNeice OAM., F.R.N.S.


1966 Decimal Coinage range


Progressively, between 1966 - 1984, Australians were presented with a new paper currency range as well!




As a courtesy to the 'Tasmanian Numismatic Society' (Est.1963), we include the recent reminder that T.N.S. Membership Subscriptions are now due for 2016.


Tasmanian Numismatic Society

T.N.S. Official Postal Address.

Hon. Sec. C. A. Heath (Vice-President)

P.O.Box 12


Tasmania. 7011.


Email:- misteeth@gmail.com



First notice.

Subscriptions to the T N S are due on 1st January 2016, for the calendar year.

Subscriptions are shown in Australian Dollars and are as follows:


            Senior full membership (18 years and over)                   $20.00*

           Associate Membership/Spouse (excludes voting rights)         $10.00

            Institutional and/or International Membership                  $25.00*

            E-mail Membership (Group or individual)                      $15.00*

           Junior full Membership (Aged up to 18 years)                  $10.00

Your attention to this reminder would be greatly appreciated.

Thank-you to all whom have already paid.


NAME: ………………………………………………………………………..

POSTAL ADDRESS: ……………………………………………………………………….


                               …………………………………POST CODE:……………………..

PHONE: ………………………Mobile (optional)…………………………………………

E-mail: …………………………………………………………………………………………...

Bank transfer is the preferred method of payment

BSB:  807-009

Acc. # 60075159

Please put your name and subs 2016 in the description and also email the Secretary:- misteeth@gmail.com

Cheques and money orders are also acceptable.

For any reader who wishes to apply for official Membership of the 'Tasmanian Numismatic Society', an Application for Membership can be requested from the Hon. Sec. at the address shown above. All details will remain confidential.





One of the 'MUST HAVE' items for your library!



Page 15 -  King George V Florin grading.

This slim 15 x 21 cm. 16page ANDA brochure contains sufficient basic grading information about Australian pre-decimal coinage to make it a truly worthwhile acquisition! As a free learning tool, provided by the Australian Numismatic Dealers Association for beginners within Australia, it opens the doors to proficient grading that will enable both new - and not so new - collectors to utilise and benefit from the established Australian cataloguers' efforts; and, to quickly gain the amount of knowledge that is essential to negotiate the most realistic values for the best samples of the different Australian coin types.





Ever since Time began, 'Commerce' in all its forms - ranging from food supply up to precious metal bullion and other items of barter - including coins and promissory notes from individuals, organisations or corporations - has relied on supply and demand to determine true value.

New collectors are not automatically gifted with all the skills needed to buy and sell - so I hope these basic pointers are of some assistance to our novices..


The numismatics industry is no exception in regard to supply and demand and this is why we rely on commercial numismatic cataloguers to do some of our homework for us by keeping an eye on the market trends and putting their findings down on paper each year. It's well worth the dollars we pay for the books.

Be aware that, occasionally, a printing error can creep into a catalogue so, if it looks too good to be true, take the time to check a couple of other sources.

In most instances, the prices arrived at by the cataloguers are similar and reasonably close to a realistic retail buying price.

The numismatic market is a relatively small one, in the greater scheme of things, and the same factors will influence any decision when two or more cataloguers are pricing items - however, there is always a 'BUT' - sometimes those values do vary and they can be very different depending on when they were compiled - and that means that, sometimes, when we want to SELL we can be awfully disappointed if we rely on only one source of information.

We must also consider that, occasionally, some prices can surge or retreat before the ink is dry on the catalogue pages and, after all, these prices are still a 'guess-timate' at best. Sometimes, a check on the Internet might be a revelation - but even that doesn't have all the answers to the questions that need to be asked and sometimes it can be downright deceptive - always check the location of the seller as well as the buyer and their ratings.



Dealers often get caught up in the ebb and surge of prices as well, and they need to make reasonable profits to cover their own living and business costs - and the interest on substantial amounts of money tied up on unsold stock that they may have paid a lot more for than it may be worth today - so don't expect a dealer to buy at the price shown in the catalogue. The price in the book is what he will use to sell at if he has no other latest indication of value.

Of course, if you have a worthy item he will want to 'wheel and deal' and buy at the best price he can - and he will have had lots of practice compared to you - if he really wants what you have to sell.  Remember, if the dealer has plenty of what you are offering, he won't want it at any price- it's as plain as that!



From experience, a realistic starting point is at about two-thirds or half of catalogue value - and you and the chosen dealer will both need to work hard to get a bit more or pay a bit less without appearing to lose face.



If possible, shop around for a comparison first - don't be frightened to ask for an estimate of price and grading condition from other dealers - but don't waste their time with any embellishments about how you got the 'item' from 'grannie' or tales like than - they really aren't that interested and it won't make them offer more. They'll soon guess you are 'shopping around'.

Keep things low key - get a price and politely leave the shop if its not within reason. You might want to come back to them - and you don't need them to remember you for wasting their time with your life's history  Parting shots, you might have liked to make, regarding ability or integrity are a no-no even if you think it. (One day you might be a 'customer' not a seller and that's when you can take your revenge - served cold.)

Don't over-grade - be positive about your item's condition and don't allow a dealer to downgrade it more than 1/2 a grade without an explanation - which he will try to do for obvious reasons. He will be looking for flaws, so you will have beaten him to the punch by being conservative and close to the mark and leaving him no ammunition to fire at you - you will not need to  shove your idea of its grade at him because that will make him look even harder.

Ask him what he thinks the grade is and let him make the first move - and let him justify it by asking him, politely, how he came to that decision.

If it is higher - don't argue.

Never admit you know nothing or very little about an 'item'  - that is why a shop around can be handy and why you should be aware of what you have to sell.

Just as a seller has to be confident - a good dealer has to be positive as well - but beware of the obnoxious 'what would you know' type.

A good dealer should be right up with current prices and be aware of the trends that are developing within his local market, and the bigger financial market as well, so he doesn't tie up his capital in stock that won't turn-over quickly. You must remember that a dealer is a merchant - a shop-keeper - who is selling and buying a product, and he must think at that commercial level first and foremost no matter how pleasant and obliging he is.

The bottom line counts for dealers as well.

If the market is looking good, a thoughtful dealer may decide to accumulate items that have potential, so, as a potential seller, it pays you to check in the numismatic publications at the dealers lists to see what their current price structure is compared to your catalogue value. - if its low, you know that there is probably excess stock in the numismatic market that needs to be moved - and you could be wasting your time wanting top dollar.

Never indicate to a commercial buyer - that you might NEED to sell an item - leave that thought in your own mind until the 'take it or leave it' price is reached and you have to act. or refuse.

Appearing too anxious turns the advantage to the dealer - this haggling can also be a sort of game or challenge to some people.  Once sold, your 'item' is gone - and you can't sell it again if you see a better deal tomorrow..



Some dealers publish a 'Wanted' list within their advertisements - so check that as well - and, if you decide to do something about it, be prepared to haggle for a better price - and only bother have good quality item(s) to offer. No good taking 'worn-out' or 'average' examples to a dealer - unless it's in high demand or rare.

If the dealer appears to be offering a 'wanted' price close to the catalogue value - or higher - work on the premise that the demand could be bigger that the supply and you may have a small  advantage.


If a dealer wants something he will be prepared to work out an equitable deal with a seller - but don't try and be too smart by airing your knowledge and end up haggling your way out of the door - unless you truly feel that you are being taken advantage of

If that is a concern - pick up your stuff, smile sweetly, keep your mouth shut - except for a polite 'Thank You! -  and go!

Whatever decision you make - you will need to stick to it and wear it if you make a mistake.




After saying all that, I noticed a 'Want List' in the numismatic press with the sort of prices offered that might suggest that one dealer should be on a 'Wanted List' with Ned Kelly.  Unrealistic buying or selling expectations don't help anyone in the numismatic fraternity.

Thankfully, that sort of thing is the exception not the rule - but, remember, if a 'Wanted to Buy' advertisement is even there, it's a start - it means that there is a demand  - but you might need to hone all of your haggling skills when you accept that sort of challenge!





Due to circumstances beyond my control, the uploading of the December Internet edition had to be delayed for nearly two weeks - and then, belatedly and hurriedly, placed online without the customary close scrutiny.

The normal spell check had been undertaken - but, a mistake was not discovered until some time later. (Murphy's Law!)

In the last newsletter of 2015 - (Vol.20 - Issue 12) - I had reported on the 'Tasmanian Numismatic Society's Annual Dinner event  - however, I have since discovered that I had made an error in the text!

The Dinner was actually held on 7th. November 2015 - and not on the 7th December 2015 as published.

Those other members of the 'Tasmanian Numismatic Society', and their guests, who also attended the event with this writer, will be well aware of this - and other alert readers of the December newsletter may have spotted the improbable date scenario!


T.N.S. members and guests enjoying the November evening!


It's obviously not the 'End of the World' stuff - and the error has now been corrected on the original master-copy - however, the link already provided to the Internet, and accessed by readers in early-December 2015, will have shown the incorrect text. 

My apologies to those who received an Internet copy with the typographical stuff-up about this great event!


P.S. - We all had a great time!





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Issue 12. December 2015:- http://www.vision.net.au/~pwood/dec15.htm

EXONUMIA!...EXO-WHAT?! - A compressed look at three of the various types of items from the branch of numismatics known as 'Exonumia! '

For those gatherers with limited hobby funds - this is an economical and interesting way to learn about all sorts of things that will stand you in good stead.

T.N.S. ANNUAL DINNER - OCCASIONAL GUEST SPEAKER ... GREG McDONALD! - A truly memorable evening with good food, good wine, good friends and an excellent speaker to round off a year that eventually lifted far higher than it started. The newly revitalized T.N.S. is boding well for 2016.

WATERCRAFT on WORLD COINS -Volume III: Africa and Oceania, 1800-2011. Thematic author, Yossi Dotan, had done it again! His informative volumes on Watercraft on World coins has now increased to become a trilogy.




Issue 1. January 2016:-

EDITORIAL - A brief history of the newsletter - and a realization that everything has its brief time in the Sun - but history continues, no matter what!

A NUMISMATIC HINT - ANDA (Australian Numismatic Dealers Association) published a small, handy booklet a few years ago - a 'freebie' - to assist new gatherers of Australian coinage. Worthy of inclusion in any collector's library!

SUPPLY & DEMAND! - Our hobby - be it as pure collecting members of a club, or those with a more altruistic commercial interest - rely on that basic rule - Supply and Demand! This brief memorandum gives a few clues on how to get started - buying or selling - and a few hard-learned handy-hints might allow us to strike a balance that keeps the whole business thing, of negotiating prices, on an even keel.

CORRECTION - We all make mistakes at times....!





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