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A few of us have had a short break for the festive season and are back at work already - and very envious of those members who have the opportunity of enjoying a little more quality time with family and friends.

Hopefully, this year will be a marvellous one for all of us!

Let us renew old friendships and dedicate ourselves once more to the best hobby in the world!


A Brief Report of a Remarkable Evening - as published in the "Tasmanian Numismatist"

 - by Graeme E. Petterwood. (T.N.S. #332)




4th. DECEMBER 2014


Renowned Australian numismatist, Dr. David L. Briggs MB. BS. B.Med.Sci., of Victoria, was welcomed by T.N.S. Hon. Secretary, Chris Heath, and this writer, on his arrival at Hobart’s Cambridge Airport on Wednesday 3rd. December. Dr. Briggs had graciously accepted our Society’s invitation to be our Guest Speaker at the annual T.N.S. Dinner and Award Presentation on Thursday evening at the newly refurbished ‘Horseshoe Inn’ at Cambridge, Tasmania.

The Horseshoe Inn - Cambridge

Neither Chris Heath nor I had previously met this eminent collector/lecturer/author in the flesh, and, collecting him at the airport was a circumstance neither of us had envisaged a few days prior.

However, both of us were very familiar with his huge contribution to this nation’s numismatic scene and his tremendously informative literary output about our national coinage - and, we were more than pleasantly surprised to find he was so much more than just an elderly, dry academic.


Chris and I found David Briggs to be a warm, affable, dynamic ‘young’ bloke - with everyday cares and concerns about his family and friends - just like the rest of us - and the day culminated with a convivial glass and a great steak meal at Salamanca’s “Ball ‘n’ Chain Grill” with T.N.S. President Roger McNeice joining us before we returned David to his accommodation after his very long and hectic day.


After a busy Thursday morning of ‘seeing the sights’ - primarily the Tasmanian Museum numismatic collection - and enjoying the lunch-time company of Roger McNeice and his charming wife, Jill  -  spiced, no doubt with  some spirited conversation - David was returned to his motel once more to prepare for the Dinner.

That evening, our guest was collected by his appointed chauffeurs and spirited back across the Derwent to Cambridge once again for the evening’s festivities and a ‘spot of work’ at the ‘Horseshoe Inn’ …!

The start time of the intimate function allowed the 20 or so invited T.N.S. Committee, Members - and partners - ample time to renew old friendships - and make a few new ones - and have a chance to chat prior to the more formal ‘Welcome’ and the serious art of eating a wonderful selection of meat, fish and fowl - plus a smorgasbord of sweets - professionally served by the friendly staff.



Graeme Petterwood, Richard Watson, David Briggs and Bob Wansborough enjoying the lavish spread.

Roger McNeice presenting Bob with the 2014 T.N.S. Distinguished Service Medal.


The more academic side of the evening was an astonishingly informative, and expertly delivered, talk about Australian coinage by Dr. Briggs - who effectively used a computer and linked viewing screen as his aids.  I am sure that every one of us, in attendance, took away a multitude of previously unfamiliar facts from what this undoubted expert imparted to us!

Some of our members were also fortunate enough to have obtained a copy of David’s latest work - hand delivered and signed - at the Dinner.

This limited edition glossy, spiral bound A4-sized 250page book is superbly illustrated with enlarged photoscans featuring all released dates of circulating Silver-based Australian pre-decimal coinage - plus a few varieties.  It also contains mintage figures etc. and realistic up-to-date price indicators and is a great acquisition for any numismatic library.


Dr. David Briggs receives the 2014 Lockwood Award for his Service to Numismatics from T.N.S President Roger McNeice OAM.


This writer was also honoured to receive T.N.S. Life Membership - unfortunately, the 'camera broke' and the pic was not suitable for publication.


After my extended stay, I needed to return home, in the north of the state, the following day - but, I knew that David had planned to stay over in Hobart for an extra few days to do some private business, as well as view a few more things of interest before returning to his family and his own home in Victoria. I knew he would have continued to be well-looked after by my Hobart colleagues. If he ever choses to return to Tasmania in the near future, David would be welcomed back by a lot of new friends!



Society stalwarts, Mr. & Mrs. Phil Nichols.

Peter Knott receiving the 2014 T.N.S. Encouragement Award.  


Hon Sec. Chris Heath and Marg. Brennan relax prior to the meal being served.





The following interesting group e-mail was received from

President Roger McNeice OAM

Hi All,

What a great success the Dinner was and especially Dr David Briggs visit.
It was a fabulous night and congratulations to those who received Society awards. More details and photos will appear in the Society newsletter as soon as possible.

David Briggs and I spent a lot of time together at home and we are going to produce a book together on a Tasmanian numismatic subject – more about that later - but, I am very thrilled about it.

David looked through much of my archive material and we spent some time in the Allport Library together looking at the Allport Collection of Notes and the other holdings of Dr Crowther’s collection of Promissory Notes which I catalogued for the Library some years ago - and he was particularly stunned to see the run of 10 Bank of Van Diemen’s Land Pound notes.


It was nice to also receive a bonus on the same batch of pics- a candid shot of Roger conversing with Australia’s Governor-General Peter Cosgrove.


“I had the pleasure of being invited to the Launch of the World War 1 Exhibition in Launceston recently and spoke at length with His Excellency the Governor General. I also was one of the expert panel for the QMV Medals day in Launceston which was filmed for TV and will be released early next year. “



2nd.January 2015

Gold Price  AUD$1453 oz. (US$1187 oz.) 

Exchange Rate  AUD$1 = US81.70 Cents  (US$1 = AUD$1.22)




In 1984 and 1988, respectively, Australia's paper $1.00 and $2.00 notes were replaced with Aluminium-Bronze coins bearing iconic emblems as their reverses. Huge amounts of each of the two low value notes disappeared into 'kitchen drawers and 'cookie -jars' as keepsakes.

As all of the remainder of our paper currency range was eventually replaced with Poly-vinyl substrate notes that circulated in tandem with the older currency - the same philosophy of hoarding wasn't quite as prolific during the 1990's as the transition was completed.



The removal of $1.00 and $2.00 notes from our currency was considered a big deal back in 1984 and 1988. These notes were the equivalent of our 'old' 10 Shillings and One Pound Imperial notes from the time of Federation. However, the sky didn't fall in!



JULY 2007 - DECEMBER 2014.

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A BLAST FROM THE PAST - The removal of $1.00 and $2.00 notes from our currency was considered a big deal back in 1984 and 1988. These notes were the equivalent of our 'old' 10 Shillings and One Pound Imperial notes from the time of Federation. However, the sky didn't fall in!





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