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I'm baaaack!

To all our readers - young and ... not so young. 

I wish you all a Happy New Year!







Typical readers of this newsletter are collectors with different levels of expertise and interests - and it sometimes amuses us to recount how we started to accumulate our own 'treasures'. This is also an opportune time to remind any innocent newcomers to our hobby that we don't need to rely on dealers to supply all of our needs.

Be astute - our sources of numismatic supply are where we find them!

To say that many of us have at least one crazy or odd story to pass on, is a little bit imaginative - but, it is surprising how often this is true - and it can be said that good old 'Lady Luck' - or 'Chance' - can play a definitive part in some of our adventures and in how we go about gaining some of our prize acquisitions.

It is not my intention to bore you with the multitude of tales from the near 45year span of my own numismatic career - but, a recent instance will highlight how things can 'click into place' even at a minor level!


In mid-December 2013, one of my daughters phoned me and asked if I had time to assist a client of hers, named - 'John ...' - who had a quantity of foreign coins that needed identification - as well as some world bank-notes that were printed in unknown foreign scripts or languages which also needed verification as to their place of origin.

Also requested, was that I do an approximate appraisal of their current value - and supply a few hints about their disposal if they were marketable!

That's always interesting - sometimes, its like counting the pink nonpareils in a packet of 'hundreds & thousands' !


I agreed to see 'John' - as I had nothing better to do that afternoon - but, I hoped a stranger with unrealistically high expectations - and little knowledge or understanding of how these things work - would not turn up with several buckets of old Oz bronze coins - or international 'shrapnel' - and a wad of 'el cheapo' paper notes - as has happened several times in the past!  Not that I mind a look - as sometimes a 'pearl' lurks!

I will not waste valuable time if it is not deserved - but I won't pressure an amateur  collector either - as I have been in their position and know what it's like!

I will often do a fast, free assessment of these locally referred jobs and make suggestions to best handle the 'hoard' - but, occasionally, I may suggest a small fee - a charge to cover part of my time -  if the quantity of items is considerable and detailed research is required. This sort of fee would be refundable - with the understanding that I would like to be given the first opportunity to buy anything available that was of interest to me, at a fair price! 

However, my daughter had given me the 'thumbs-up' on her client's character - a security imperative that is required before I even consider inviting anyone into my private home in this sort of business circumstance.

'John' said that he would gather his bits n' pieces, and agreed on a time to come to my house after lunch.


My visitor proved to be a 'good guy' of about my own vintage - and he and I struck up an immediate good relationship.

I actually spent about 3 hours carefully appraising his small, organized lot against current price catalogues and actively involving him as an interested 'student'.

I was also fortunate that 'John' had enough sense to have stored his notes in such a way that they had not been 'bent, broken or bruised' too much! The majority of his foreign notes, coins and medals were basic circulation stuff, in Very Good to Fine condition, that 'John' told me had come from local markets.

However, there were a few slightly useful pieces that took my attention - and I put those to one side and, eventually, I made an offer to buy them.

'John' actually refused my initial offer as being too generous - so, we split the difference and a deal was done!

The value of the cash exchange was not earth-shattering, and it was easy to be fair to 'John' and still maintain my own integrity as the new custodian. I also felt that my time was compensated adequately!

REMEMBER THAT WORD - INTEGRITY!  It works both ways!


The new acquisition mainly features notes from the 1990's - with a few early 2000's.

Belgium (1); Brazil (6); Croatia (1); Fiji (1); Germany (2); Indonesia (1); Italy (1); Japan (1); Laos (1); Malaysia (2); Nepal (1); Netherlands (4); Oceania (1); Scotland (1); Singapore (1); Spain (1); Thailand (2); Turkey (6); Ukraine (1) and Venezuela (3).


Later, after I had carefully checked and re-graded the small hoard of 38 notes, I think that I probably broke very close to even - in fact, it was within a few Cents of what I believe was a good and fair estimate of value  - and that was OK by me!  I am usually looking at the longer term investment potential and use as discussion and illustration pieces in my hobby and within this newsletter. It had been a mutually satisfying afternoon with value for money!

It was also fortunate that I only 'doubled-up' on 2 - 3  notes from within my existing accumulation - there is always that possibility when doing casual business over a 'kitchen table' or such - however, as mentioned, it was a 'small potatoes' event and, besides, the serial numbers of the duplicated notes were all different than those I already had!


I will, eventually, feature illustrations of both sides of all these notes in this newsletter - however, at this time of preparation during the Christmas 2013 break, I have a lot of other recording, scanning, cataloguing, accurate grading and appropriate storing to complete at present - so, a brief taste of inflated Cruzeiros from the early 1990's Brazil, another batch of highly-inflated Lirasi from Turkey and a couple of minor values from Europe and the Pacific region etc, will have to suffice as this brief New Year issue starts the journey into 2014 and further adventures! .... More to follow!  (Illustrations not to scale!)


Reference:-  Krause 'Standard Catalog of World Paper Money' - Modern Issues 1961 to Present.



A selection of inflation Cruzeiros bank-notes issued by Banco Central Do Brasil in the early 1990's

(KM # 231b, 232c, 233a, 234, 235a)



1993 (Issued 1994) 20 Kuna note (KM#30a)



Queen Elizabeth II Five Dollars (2007) (KM#110a)

Several creases and a top corner ink blot detract slightly.


As I progressed with the initial inspection after rough sorting, I noticed that the notes from the Netherlands appeared to have no serial numbers.  However, I noted that each note had a barcode device on the back - bearing a different 10 digit number in very small print. 

On contemplation, that fact was a little sad - it seemed as if the end of the era of artistically pleasing notes had arrived in the Netherlands about 20 years ago  - in favour of Dutch efficiency and an economy of detail! (see illustration below)


On checking with my Krause 'Standard Catalog of World Paper Money' - I found that, in the last few years of the 1990's, the Netherlands had 'commercialized' its note counting system to this basic efficiency level - and, in hindsight, the increased use of geometric designs on the backs of their notes, dating from the mid-1950's, seemed to be in keeping with the innocuous trend that would become common-place in Europe.  Business before Beauty!

From being typical miniature 'works of art' in the 1940's - Netherlands currency gradually became more like large plastic credit cards made of paper - and the rest of Europe then followed suit in 2002 with the introduction of the current Euro designs which, in my opinion, are of imaginative sparseness. (see sample Euro note below)

As a numismatist - who was initially attracted to the hobby because of its visual impact - I feel we have now lost something European that was beautiful, in its own way.


EUROPEAN UNION - 50 EURO (2002) - Italy (KM#4s)

The letter at the start of the serial number indicates the issuing nation. (e.g. 'S' = Italy)*

A small letter/number sequence located above the holographic symbol indicates the print source (e.g. J004C1 = Bank of Italy)*

(*A full list of prefixes etc. is published in Krause Standard Catalog of Paper Money - Modern Issues - Volume III)



De Nederlandsche Bank - 25 Gulden notes with Barcode Serial Numbers (1997) (KM#100)



1000 Kip - issued in 2003 (KM# 32f)

The Laotian note (above) has several noticeable depreciating factors - it has rough top edges (no tears), well-circulated with a tiny piece missing from a top corner that will need care and, maybe a repair, to save further degradation - and it would probably only grade at about Very Good in normal circumstances instead of about Fine.

It's a space filler as far as I am concerned- but, it is still presentable if nothing better is available ... it was part of a Communist Lao note series that extended from 1992 - 2003 - with several minor changes made during 1995 - 1998.

However, I considered that it was still a worthwhile acquisition even in that condition, as long as the price was right - which it was!

The absence of 'English' script may pose an identification problem for some amateur collectors without access to a good Krause World Paper Money catalogue - so if you are financial and serious enough about the hobby - invest in a reasonably modern printed volume or the CD version that contains numeric charts such as the Kmer 0 - 9 (shown below).


KMER NUMERALS - variations used in some Indo-China regions





Mustafa Kemal Atatûrk (born c.19th.May 1881 - died 10th.November 1938)


Mustafa Kemal Bey was the Turkish military leader who successfully fought the Allied forces who landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula in April 1915. during WWI.  His biography can be found on the Internet. (Refer good article on Wikipedia)....

The third name Atatûrk was adopted after the War - Mustafa Kemal had been a brave soldier and a great General, he was an astute statesman and an honourable man - but his main legacy was that he eventually oversaw the creation of the modern nation of Turkey in the mid 1920's

In his later years, after he had become the President of Turkey, it was by his insistence that the nation was brought into the European ambit after throwing off the medieval yoke of the Ottoman Empire. Education was a key factor.

In commemoration of this remarkable man, a varied handful of similar portraits adorned the nations banknotes for many decades long after his death. The various denomination notes, bearing Atatûrk's likeness - and as a watermark image, were issued during 1926 - 1939 and then again from 1951 until the nation was accepted into the European Union and adopted the new Euro currency.

Over the last few years, and more recently, during the opportunity described in the previous article, I have managed to accumulate several of these note portraits from between 1970 - 1997 in a variety of denominations now in my own collection. I do not have samples of all the notes issued - but I'm still working on it!


1971 - 1982

1971 - 1972

1984 - 1997

1970 - 1986

1988 - 1997

The acquired portraits are on notes* that are not actually dated with the time of issue but by the authorization date of 1970. There were 3 main overlapping periods of design change and the table below will give an idea of the scope of dates of issues during this time frame. 


5 LIRASI 1971-82  ...  ...      
10 LIRASI 1971-82*  ... 1984-97*      
20 LIRASI 1971-82  ...  ...      
50 LIRASI 1971-82  ...  ...      
100 LIRASI  ... 1971* 1984      
500 LIRASI  ... 1972 1984      
1,000 LIRASI 1971-82  ... 1986      
5,000 LIRASI     1986 1992    
10,000 LIRASI     1970 1970*    
20,000 LIRASI     1988 1995    
50,000 LIRASI     1989 1995    
100,000 LIRASI         1991 1997
250,000 LIRASI         1992  ...
500,000 LIRASI         1993  ...
1,000,000 LIRASI         1993  ...
2,500,000 LIRASI         1997  ...
5,000.000 LIRASI         1997 (?)  ...
10,000,000 LIRASI         1997 (?)*  ...


Main Note Reference:

Krause Publications -'Standard Catalog of World Paper Money' - 1961 to Present (Volume III)



GOLD PRICE - Commencing 2014

US$1222+/- ounce = AUD$43 +/- gram.)

(January 2014 AUD$1.00 = US$0.89 approx.)





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REMINDER ..... Issue 12, December 2013:-

'TASMANIAN NUMISMATIC SOCIETY' GOLDEN JUBILEE DINNER -  On this slightly damp Saturday evening, 23rd. November 2013,  the spirits were high - the atmosphere was cordial - and the T.N.S. members celebrated their Golden Jubilee with appropriate gusto! 

By any standards, a 50 year span is a very  significant achievement. It was a grand night - the food was excellent and plentiful - the company illustrious  - and the  stories of past acquisitions, triumphs, encounters - and a few disasters - were freely flowing - and, dare I say, some even brought a tear to the eye, or a hearty laugh, as we remembered past companions and wished that they were still with us.

THE BATTLE OF THE EUREKA STOCKADE - A recently recovered piece of fabric has be found to be a part of the iconic Australian flag of rebellion. - the Eureka 'Southern Cross' banner! Official  DNA testing has confirmed that the composition of the blue 'rag' is identical to that of the Southern Cross -  and that it is, in all probability, what it has been purported to be by the owners who retain ownership but have loaned it in perpetuity to the nation.


VOLUME 19 -  JANUARY, 2014 -

Issue 1. January 2014:-

HOW COLLECTORS FIND THE THINGS THEY COLLECT! - Sometimes 'Lady Luck' plays a part in how we collectors put together our accumulations.

A 'not-quite-random' phone call in mid-December 2013 put me in touch with another numismatic gatherer who was searching for information about some of his 'stuff'. A mutually beneficial exchange occurred - which gave me the chance of making another potential friend with a compatible interest  - and, as a bonus, I was also able to add a few pieces to my collection.

THE FACES OF MUSTAFA KEMAL ATATÜRK - A fast scan over a few of the portraits of Turkey's famous leader!





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