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1942 - 2005

Each year,  8.10 a.m. on August 13th. marks the anniversary of the passing of my beloved wife and soul-mate, Ailsa, with whom I had such a strong bond of love for nearly 47 years.

This year is the 10th. anniversary of her passing, and, I am being honest when I say that I miss her, fiercely, and that it is not getting easier with the passage of time - but, I will continue trying to cope because she expected me to!


Ailsa's initial experience with numismatics was pretty basic as a housewife - she obtained coins and banknotes and she spent them! However, she did gradually acquire the sort of knowledge and understanding of why I did what I did - and she helped the 'Tasmanian Numismatic Society' with her vigour. Along the way, she made great friends with my friends and numismatic colleagues

.. and she definitely left her mark!


T.N.S. Members'Awards and Lockwood Medal Joint-Presentation 1998*

The editor*, late (mentor) Tom Williamson, late Ailsa Petterwood, and Mr. Phil Nichols*.

Members' BBQ  - sharing a  joke...the late Tom Williamson, Mrs. Jill McNeice (centre) and late Ailsa Petterwood.



2005, the last Autumn Tamar River Cruise ... and, the last pic. at home, in her famous 'feed all-comers' kitchen!






For beginner collectors, kitchen canisters and cardboard chocolate boxes were a popular choice for initial bulk storage of non-standard coinage in days gone by - but there are now better ways that still provide easy viewing access!


As most collectors will know, coins, medals, medallions and all other sorts of exonumia - from all eras and areas - are produced in as many sizes as there are millimetre marks on a plastic school ruler!

Big might be beautiful - more so, if it is made of a precious metal - but, to some of us, those larger pieces, that occasionally frequent our hobby, may prove to be a beast to store!

This is a subject that is, basically, a personal one to solve - to each his/her own.

To find a satisfactory solution is not always easy - so suggestions from other gatherers is always handy.

Thankfully, however, on the economical front, there are now suitable sheets of medallion and coin-friendly vinyl pockets that can cater - or can be adapted - for most of the non-standard items that come our way! They do the job!


The number of pockets in the standard-size folder sheets, made of inert vinyl that are made to house coin fold-overs or even individual pockets etc., is also variable and conducive for the loose protective storage of most larger or smaller coins or other items such as banknotes, medals, medallions or other non-standard items .


(The illustrations shown below have been trimmed, however the note holder sheet does depict the usual holes implemented for use with sturdy 2 prong commercial arch lever folders or the smaller 2, 3 or 4 prong spring-load folders which should then be, preferably, stored flat due to the content weight involved..)


1966 Bahama Islands -.925 Sterling Silver $5.00 (45mm.)

1937 Australia .925 Sterling Silver Crown (5 Shillings) (38.5mm)


(Illustration reduced)

Various dates Australian 1 oz .999Fine Silver Carded 'Kangaroo' series coins

1994 Uncirculated Australian Baby Birthday and Standard coin set

Usual card-size 16 x 12.5cms

(Stored vertically or horizontal in 2 pocket protective plastic sheets for 4 hole binders).


U.S. Presidential Medals (76mm.)

Usually stored in individual heavy inert paper envelopes.


A selection of 1950's - 60's Alaskan Traders' Tokens

These are enclosed in 55mm. (2"x2") cardboard fold-overs and stored in suitably-sized sheets of vinyl coin-pockets.

Most of the tokens shown above are 40mm. (1.5") dia.


.... a few BITS

Various Cardboard fold-overs with adhesive backing (wet-to-stick).

The centre hole sizes shown are:- 23mm; 27mm; 40mm and 43mm.

Other diameters are available from suppliers..


(Illustrations reduced)

...and, finally,

the good old BUTTON-BOX storage unit!

When all else fails, a compartmentalized Tupperware sewing box is still a useful temporary storage unit!


.... the storage unit ultimo! .... However, to each their own!





JULY 2007 - JANUARY 2015....

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Issue 6. June 2015:-  http://www.vision.net.au/~pwood/june15.htm

WHAT WAS LOST - IS FOUND! - We all do it at times - misplace stuff in the most obscure of places in our own homes! Recently, I re-discovered - after a frustratingly long search in all the usual places- some lost 'treasures'... of sorts!  In recent years, the interest in NOTGELD and other Emergency paper money items has been revitalised somewhat.... they never will be a real fortune-maker in a money sense... however, some of these items, particularly the hard-to-come-by issues, are now being considered 'historical rarities' instead of scraps of near worthless printed paper.

FOR WANT OF ANYTHING BETTER !* - Long neglected as too hard - this field has suddenly started to stir once more. Unfortunately, information is still not readily available to wannabe gatherers - so all clues are eagerly sought!


VOLUME 20 - 2015


Issue 7. July 2015:- http://www.vision.net.au/~pwood/july15.htm

WHAT WAS LOST - IS FOUND (Part2) - Modern Inflation Money. I have only cited a couple of examples - but there are scores of course!

THE LITTLE GUYS COUNT AS WELL! - During the last 2 decades or so - a change has swept over global financial institutions, and, our day-to-day cash money - the physical stuff that we have taken for granted for a lifetime - has started to alter as well.  It has been a sudden change, but, it has encompassed a period of transition in some instances. For older members of our numismatic fraternity - it harks back to days between the two World Wars when emergency money became a fact-of-life! 


Issue 8. August 2015:-

IN MEMORIUM - It is now 10 years since my beloved wife and TNS stalwart, Ailsa Petterwood, passed from our company - and she is sorely missed!

BIG COINS, BIGGER MEDALLIONS, a few BITS and BUTTON BOXES - Storage is always a problem for beginners - so here are a few thoughts!





The contents of this independent Internet newsletter, and all prior issues - included the 'Tasmanian Numismatist - Internet Edition' - are copyrighted ©, but anything herein can be fairly used to promote the great hobby of numismatics; however, we do like to be asked by commercial interests if they wish to use any of our copy. This permission, however, does not extend to any article specifically marked as copyrighted © by the author of the article.

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