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As a dedicated numismatist - as well as an amateur gatherer of exonumia and other bits 'n' pieces - I must admit that I only morphed into a legitimate collector of things numismatic, over the last few decades or so.

I still have several caches of oddments from the old days that hark back to that miscellany that caught my eye and started my 'love affair' with this wonderful life-changing hobby. On occasion, I still add to them!


From time to time, I revisit my exonumatic roots for a refreshing breather on the 'wild side' - and, on this occasion, I opened a few old attaché cases of 'assorted stuff' that I had squirreled away, in an effort to re-arrange the contents and try to salvage one of the cases as a spare holder for several small albums of U.S. transport tokens that were noticeably gathering dust on a bench in my office.

At the conclusion of the exercise, I had actually re-sorted 3 attaché cases (of various sizes) that were bulging with stuff, both exonumatic and numismatic, that I had not delved into - for far too long!

As a confessed 'magpie' collector (one who picks up anything pretty or remotely unusual) - I try to present as broad a subject range as possible to keep this newsletter interesting for you, my reader - so let me show you a few 'oldish' things that caught my attention anew!

Nothing startling - but it was like discovering some of them for the very first time!




Official Jerusalem Specimen Set dated 5730 - 1970 (KM# MS13a)

1 Agora, 5, 10, 25 Agorat,  1/2 Lira, 1 Lira.


Commemorative 50 Cent coin

Privately packed by Kellogg's Corn Flakes



Several nations - which would eventually form the European Economic Community - issued model coins prior to the ratification of the EEC and adoption of the Euro as the official currency.

This well-made C.N.20 ECU was produced in Greece and bears traditional icons and the legends:-




The reverse of the card bore the authenticating,facsimile signature of the Director, U.S. Mint.

Privately packaged by Cheerios Cereal Co.

(The carding process was faulty, in this instance, as the coin bears chemical reaction marks on the obverse under the tape!)




HRH (the late) Princess Shirley of Hutt River Principality.


A brief media release in Launceston's 'Examiner' newspaper, on Thursday 11th. July, alerted Tasmanian friends of the Principality of Hutt River that Princess Shirley Joy Casley had peacefully passed away at 8.30a.m. on Sunday morning, 7th. July with Prince Leonard and their children by her side. She was 85 y.o.

Princess Shirley and Prince Leonard had a marriage that survived for over 66 years - a remarkable event in a remarkable relationship.

We wish to take this belated opportunity to extend to Prince Leonard and the Hutt River Family, our deepest condolences for the loss of a wonderful woman - a loyal wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother - who truly justified her title of 'Princess' by way of devotion to her family.


Prince Leonard and the late Princess Shirley.

Pictured beneath the original 1970 Hutt River Province logo




Samples of 20 and 50 Cent Hutt River Principality currency notes.


The story of Hutt River - and the determination and ultimate success of its inhabitants - has been told in this newsletter previously. 

It actually formed the lead story in our first issue as 'Numisnet World'  in July 2007 - but our numismatic relationship goes back some years prior. Refer:-  http://www.vision.net.au/~pwood/july07.htm


As we now know, the 75 sq.km. fiefdom of Hutt River first came to prominence in 1970, when frustration over wheat quotas reached political boiling-point, and the unusual  act of Mr & Mrs Leonard Casley to take the unprecedented step - for Australians - to form their own micro-nation and self-proclaim their titles - was vehemently opposed by political pundits of the era who took legal action that was rebuffed.

Although its claim of sovereignty had been made according to to ancient laws and rights that were in force at that time, the Principality is still not officially recognised by the state of West Australia nor the Australian Federal Government - nor, it seems, is it denied!



During July, this office received several email correspondences - and a request - from T.N.S. President, Roger V McNeice OAM., some of which our readers should be made aware. (Refer below)  Associates and members of the T.N.S. - with known email addresses -  will have received the information direct from their normal sources.

It appears that - due to the Society's own mail-out newsletter publication frequency - these memorandums would not be seen until the 'Tasmanian Numismatist' was issued in Sept./Oct. - so, we have been requested to include them in this August Internet edition of 'Numisnet World'  so that Society members and other readers can take advantage of the offers.

The memos will be of interest - particularly to those who thought they had missed out on some previous important medallion releases that were pertinent to Tasmania's history.

ACT NOW - if you do have an interest!


T.N.S. members - who do now have Internet and email access - are reminded to, please, confirm any details or alterations to your current email address to the T.N.S. Hon. Secretary, Chris Heath, as soon as possible so that they can be included on the Society's electronic mailing list.

Tasmanian Numismatic Society.

C/- Hon. Sec. C. A. Heath

                                                          P.O. Box 12.                                                         


Tasmania. 7011.


Email:- misteeth@gmail.com



10 July, 2013 - Hi all!  A note to let you know of a great find!  

In 1998, ‘Tasmedals’ produced a 100 mm diameter Pewter medallion to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the Circumnavigation of Tasmania. It was limited to only 100 medallions – and, it sold out immediately.


1988 - Pewter ‘Circumnavigation’ Medallion

(100mm. diameter.)

A 50-piece trial in Bronze was also made at the time but not issued. Recently a factory clean out and die disposal was made and these 50 items in Bronze were found.

Expressions of interest are being invited from collectors who would like one or more of these medallions. They will be disposed of in a ‘first in first served’ manner. The price will be $22 plus postage of $5.50.

NO MONEY IS REQUIRED UP FRONT and payment will be made just prior delivery when they are packed and notification given for sending by registered mail. Please advise ASAP to reserve the quantity required as only 50 are available of these huge (100 mm diameter) medallions.
Kindest regards

Roger McNeice - Email:- rvm@eftel.net.au


23 July 2013 - YEAR 2000 Medallion – (huge 70mm)

Hi everyone, on continuing our fun clean out of the factory we have come across another medallion we had completely forgotten about.

It is a YEAR 2000 Medallion that ‘Tasmedals’ issued to commemorate the turn of the century. Originally 200 Nickel Plated and 20 Sterling silver medallions were issued and sold out immediately.  

‘Tasmedals’ had also planned for a limited edition of a MATT GOLD medallion to be issued. They were made - but not issued.

(I can’t remember why - as they are great pieces!!)

We found the entire issue of 30 in the factory archives.

Only 29 are available on a ‘first in first served’ basis. All were edge numbered from #1-30 (I am keeping number #1 for the archives).

I’ve attached a scan of the Nickel-plated one to show the design.

The Matt Gold issue needed brushing up so won’t be ready till next week (early August).  However if you want one -or, if you know of any Society members may want one or more - please contact me without delay.


YEAR 2000 Medallion - Nickel-plated design sample

(70mm. diameter.)

The price per medallion is $30 plus $5.80 registered postage as they are quite heavy. Remember - these are strictly limited - so advise ASAP.

Payment in advance is required direct to:- 

BSB 737001 Account number 551409 Roger McNeice.

Westpac Bank - Elizabeth Street, Hobart.

A full receipt will be issued with medallion. Please signify what number you require and I will try to accommodate you.

Roger McNeice OAM
President TNS

Email:- rvm@eftel.net.au


One of our TNS members has found a small batch of scarce Ferry Tokens that were used in Hobart for Derwent River crossings in the 1950 - 1960’s. There are two types - ADULT and CHILD – both made of Brass.

They are available for $5 for a pair with $1.40 postage - prearranged payment.  Due to limited amount they are sold on a ‘first in’ basis.  In this instance, please forward enquiries and orders to:-


Tasmanian Numismatic Society.

Email: misteeth@gmail.com




Child token (NH17 - not shown) is 18mm. Adult token (NH18 - as shown above) is 21mm.



by NOEL HARPER. Dip.Pub. Admin.


Although long out of print - and extremely hard to come by. even in the secondary market - this 1985 publication is still highly regarded as a treasure-trove of information in regard to Tasmanian exonumia history in the category as stated in the title.


I recently took advantage of the offer of the small, Brass Bellerive Ferry Turnstile tokens and am now the possessor of a pair of reasonable examples.

Desirous of knowing a little bit more about them, I referred to Noel Harper's handy reference and found a wealth of information about their progress from inception to demise. I found near all the detail I wanted on pages 5 - 9.

The decision to install electric turnstiles at Bellerive was evidently taken in 1952 - to cater for the increasing custom on the cross-Derwent ferry service - and, of course, at that time - coinage was still being used. However, it was not implemented until early 1954.

The brass tokens, that eventually replaced coinage - and the collectors of fares and issuers of tickets - have had an interesting life.

Sometimes, they seemed to teeter on the edge of an early fate - but, the disaster of the Hobart Bridge and the introduction of the Sydney-based ferry 'Lady Wakehurst' to bridge the gap between the City of Hobart and the Eastern Shore at Bellerive presented them with a final reprieve.

These brass tokens are slightly larger than the old pre-decimal Threepence (3d - 15mm)  and Sixpence (6d.- 19mm) coins they  replaced when the prices rose to 4d. and 9d., and are distinctively emblazoned with Tasmania's Transport Commission 'T' logo and a description of intent.

The use of tokens had, originally, remained in force until 28 July 1963 when it had been decided to withdraw the ferry service due to cost over-runs - but, as mentioned, they were re-instated while the replacement ferry was in use after the disaster cut access by road across the river -and when the long-term repairs on the Bridge started a few years later.

A physical financial problem arose in 1966, when decimal coinage was introduced to Australia - the tokens were very similar in size to the new One Cent (17.53mm) and Two Cent (21.59mm) coins - which were of far lesser value than the tokens!

I need not spell out the scenario that occasionally occurred at the automatic turnstiles as enterprising travellers saw an opportunity of saving a little cash.....!.





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ISSUE 7. July 2013:-

THE ROSES AMONGST THE THORNS - (Commemorative Coinage) - Special pieces of metal - that we now refer to as either medals or coins -  have been made to commemorate a special event, place or person since Man found the ways of making metal do his bidding.. In this article we hope to give a brief modern history of our national coinage that has been encompassed in this millennia-old practice.

NOT TO BE FOUND IN POCKET CHANGE! - (Non-Circulating Legal Tender) - Broadly speaking, this category of coinage has been made for 'display purposes' only. The concept was developed over the last few decades by Perth Mint, and now we see a deluge of confusing short-term issues - with little relevance to the general public except as pretty works-of-art in metal - and, it is flooding onto the market in short powerful squirts!

It is presented as a precious bullion metal investment ingot that is given a specific face value to legitimise it as a coin  - thus it becomes legal tender for that stated value if cashed at a bank or financial institution.

This new marketing strategy has attracted a new string of collectors - in similar fashion as the postage stamp frenzy of a few decades ago.

It is slowly finding its own path away from traditional numismatics, I believe - and edging towards exonumia with a medallion-type ingot status.


ISSUE 8. August 2013:-

FROM THE BOTTOM OF THE BOX - Every numismatist has a 'box' that contains the accumulated oddments that are acquired along with the collectibles that fit the required parameters of the hobby. Many of these are legitimate - but are not in the mainstream - some are more suited to be labelled exonumia.

Occasionally, these oddments can prove to be a distraction that exerts a powerful influence on our time as we fall under their spell.

BEREAVEMENT - It is with regret we pass on notification of the recent passing of HRH Princess Shirley of Hutt River. A brief history of Hutt River is also included for those who may wonder about this self-proclaimed fiefdom.

T.N.S. PRESIDENTIAL NOTES - In the interest of our readers, we have included several memos from T.N.S. President Roger McNeice regarding clearance of remainders of historical medallions recently discovered during a clean-up of 'TASMEDALS' archives. 'First in - first served'

TASMANIAN PASSES, CHECKS & CLUB TOKENS - A little historical background on the use of the Bellerive Ferry Turnstile Tokens.





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