Formerly published as the 'Tasmanian Numismatist' - Internet Edition' (Est. 1996)

       Volume 23                                               Issue 1                                               January  2018





Compiled and Edited


Graeme Petterwood.

Even though the title implies that this publication is mainly about numismatic items that interest our international readers - I encourage discussions about any closely associated hobby.

This version of the 'Numisnet World' publication may also be linked to other forums for distribution - and it will be uploaded to the Internet whenever it is convenient.

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A Little Bit of Newsletter History

...to start the New Year!

Due to requests from some of our newer readers, it has been decided to, once again, supply a brief history of this newsletter's early development from a printed item titled, 'TASMANIAN NUMISMATIST' - prepared in conjunction with the 'TASMANIAN NUMISMATIC SOCIETY' - to the independent electronic version - 'NUMISNET WORLD'  - that you are now reading.


After the introduction of Decimal Currency to Australia in late February 1966, - and the consequent public interest in the older coinage, in particular, prior to its withdrawal - the fledgling 'Tasmanian Numismatic Society' (T.N.S.) attracted many new members - included those who lived in other areas of the state.


Brian 'Barney' Curtin (seated) and T.N.S. founder, Roger V. McNeice - c.1964



(top) - 1963 Australian Imperial coinage circulation range.

 (bottom) -1966 Australian Decimal coinage circulation range.


Due to distance, some members relied on correspondence, in the form of an occasional posted news-sheet or the annual report, to keep them informed about Society plans and events when they couldn't make the long road journey to the southern capital or justify the expense of overnight accommodation.

The Society still holds its monthly meetings in the capital city of Hobart - which is located in the southern area of the Australian island state of Tasmania - and it has done so since 1963. (Refer notice below.)




Members of the  'Tasmanian Numismatic Society'  are reminded that the first meeting for 2018 is be held at the Civic Club, 134 Davey St. Hobart at 6.30 p.m. on Tuesday, January 30th.  

Bar access is available to T.N.S. members and guests at Civic Club prices - and finger-food can be provided for a small fee.


2018 Annual T.N.S. Membership Subscription AUD$15.00

Contact:- Hon. Sec. Chris A. Heath

P.O. Box 12, Claremont.

Tasmania. 7011


Email:- misteeth@gmail.com



(a) The first official 'Tasmanian Numismatist’ printed newsletter - Volume 1, Issue 1, was formulated and edited by 'Tasmanian Numismatic Society' founder and President, Roger McNeice OAM, and prepared for distribution by Carol Ramsay, in September 1995. 

(b) The 'Tasmanian Numismatist’ lapsed again until April 1996, when the Society's Vice-President/Hon. Sec. Chris Heath, acting as temporary Editor and Northern Tasmanian member, Graeme Petterwood, acting as temporary Assistant Editor, decided to revive and produce a new style newsletter - under a similar banner to the earlier one - entitled 'The Tasmanian Numismatist' - with Volume 2, Issue 1. as the first new issue.

The continuation of the Series numbers was deliberate!




'Tasmanian Numismatist' - 1995 - 6.


(c) A very short edited version of the revived Vol.2 Issue 1,'The Tasmanian Numismatist' newsletter, was also the first issue that appeared on the Internet - as a trial.


The preparation and associated cost of the Internet trial was borne by the temporary Assistant Editor and several associate members - acting independently with the new communications medium - and, even though it was not at the official behest of the Society's Executive Committee, it had its tacit approval.

It should also be acknowledged, that at the time, the Society Executive realised it needed an influx of new volunteers if it was to keep the Society relevant and the working Committees - and the newly re-established printed edition of the newsletter - viable!  Regrettably, the silence was deafening - and the floods of eager new volunteers for either of the two needs were not readily forthcoming - although the new 'free' newsletter was, obviously, appreciated by existing members. It became a 'work-in-progress!'


(d) In May/June 1996, ‘The Tasmanian Numismatist’ newsletter was labelled Volume 1, Issue 2 due to a typographical error by the dynamic duo of gifted amateurs. However, it was decided to continue on with the numbering system from that issue, rightly or wrongly, in an effort to establish some sense of continuity with local members and also to cater for the new Internet audience that was being attracted to the newsletter.


(e) The original 2 - 4 page bimonthly publication was gradually expanded to supply additional club news, an article or two of numismatic interest - and notable trends from interstate and overseas -  in an educational and, hopefully, entertaining fashion....and - new members were slowly being attracted to the Society.


(f) Acting Assistant Editor, Graeme Petterwood, was asked in December 1996  to accept the position as full-time Editor of the printed version of the T.N.S. publication, and was officially elected to the position at the 'Tasmanian Numismatic Society' Annual General Meeting on 13th Feb.1997, and, by April, had began making the first of a few trial format changes to both newsletters. (samples below)



The Tasmanian Numismatist

Internet Edition

Volume 2 Issue 4                                     April 1997

(g) It was also decided to expand both the newsletters publishing schedule from bi-monthly to monthly for an undetermined period trial basis, and, for logistical purposes from this time onwards, until the end of 2000, both Editions were identical in content and format They were prepared in Launceston, in northern Tasmania.


The arrangement with the electronic Internet version of the 'The Tasmanian Numismatist' had been given tacit approval by the Society's Executive Committee due to its obvious acceptance by the national and international numismatic audience - and, the number of readers who were applying for membership - some as postal 'associates' (at a special reduced membership fee) - and, the fact it was costing the Society nothing to produce or distribute.


In September 1998, the superfluous word 'The' was quietly dropped from both the newsletters' titles and we were back to 'Tasmanian Numismatist' once again!


(h) It was decided, at a special Committee meeting in December 2000, to revert the printed publication back to six issues per year (bi-monthly) until further notice due to cost factors beyond the reasonable financial scope of the Society. The imposts included an increased postage rate and the new Australian Federal Government imposition of a Goods and Services Tax (G.S.T.) - which was applied on raw materials and even on photocopier maintenance.


The independently produced free viewing monthly 'Tasmanian Numismatist' (Internet Edition) would not be affected. The printed bi-monthly edition was then clearly sub-titled as the ‘Tasmanian Edition’ - and, as they say - the rest was history.


Tasmanian Numismatist

Volume 10                      Tasmanian Edition No. 2            March - April  2005.



 Anyone who wishes to apply for membership to our non-profit making organisation, and who is prepared to abide by the rules of the Society and its aim of promoting the study and enjoyment of the hobby of numismatics, should contact the Secretary for an application form and details of subscriptions.


 (i) In July 2007, the name of the monthly independent issue of 'Tasmanian Numismatist' (Internet Edition)  was changed to 'Numisnet World' to cater for the increasing number of international readers - individuals and clubs who had freely started to share information. As both newsletters still had the same Editor - it was easy to maintain a mutual co-operation and share articles!  However, it was soon obvious that the Society's version of the printed newsletter still had to reduce its costs and that its content would always be behind the news - so a direct link to the 'Internet Edition' was offered by email to Committee members of the 'Tasmanian Numismatic Society' and others with Internet facilities - in an effort to save some printing costs and postage.





 Volume 12 Issue 7             Formerly published as the 'Tasmanian Numismatist' - Internet Edition' (Est. 1996)                             July 2007


 (j) In December 2015, even though costs had been held to a minimum, the Executive Committee decision to finalise the printed 'Tasmanian Numismatist' publication was again mooted. A tenuous, temporary reprieve was granted - but. it was obvious that the publication was now on borrowed time.


The position of a replacement editor/preparer could not be resolved when Editor Graeme Petterwood gave intention to officially retire when the election of Executive Officers took place early in 2016. The Editor was prevailed upon to stay on for a further 12 month period to extend the newsletter's life until someone could take on the task - or the 'plug' was finally pulled!


The decision to finalise the publication was again considered in December 2016 when the Editor's temporary tenure expired. The Society's newsletter was then curtailed due to the continuing lack of permanent editorial guidance - and, this time, there was no reprieve - so the printed 'Tasmanian Numismatist' is now in abeyance and may never be revived due to costs of preparation, postal distribution and the changing interests of the Society members.




  Formerly published as the 'Tasmanian Numismatist' - Internet Edition' (Est. 1996)

       Volume 23                                               Issue 1                                               January  2018


 (k) In January 2017, in response to a number of requests to the 'retired' Editor by interested individuals, via 'Facebook' and other private sources, the Internet saw a revival of a brief Q & A numismatic news-sheet.


 It was originally designed to only be of a temporary nature for the international audience of casual coin gatherers, former Internet readers of the 'Tasmanian Numismatist' and 'Numisnet World', and, those who were interested in  other aspects of the hobby - or those who just had a query that needed an answer.


The decision to revive the established Internet working title 'Numisnet World' was an easy one as it had not had time to fade into obscurity. For a period it was known as 'Numisnet World' N.S. (News Sheet) but dropped back to its former title after 5 issues.


 The new 'Numisnet World' is still totally independent of any financial allegiances or content restrictions and, while it was only intended to be a loosely formatted Q & A forum - it has since expanded to cater for the perusal of items that needed more detailed technical explanation than could be covered in a few sentences.


 Due to this burgeoning demand, the thing has developed, once more, to encompass many aspects of the hobby - and some of the fascinating stories that go with it.

However - to all extents and purposes - the newsletter is still of a temporary nature ... until it stops ... but, it has re-established good relations with several notable organizations and individuals - and still posts information and email access links to those Society members who may be interested in the hobby as such.


It seems that the ancient Editor's 'Final, Final Swansong' (NW Vol. 21 Issue 12) from December 2016 - is still getting a few request for an encore of two! 


Refer:-  http://www.vision.net.au/~pwood/dec.16.htm




 According to the definition included in Greg McDonald's      'Pocket Guide to Australian Coins and Banknotes' (23rd.Edition 2017)

  "The 'Subscription Issue' was a special series (1996 - 2000 ... 2002 - 2011) in which the Mint allowed the collector a limited amount of time to order. The offer was strictly limited to one coin per order. 

 A small allocation was made available to selected dealers."



 1996 (Decimal Currency) -1997 (Old Parliament) -1998 (New Parliament)

 The issue price between 1996 - 1998 for the 1 oz. .999 Fine Silver coin was AUD$45.00


1999 (Majestic Images of QEII). Issue price increased to AUD$47.50 - Weight 1 oz. .999 Fine Silver


2000 (Proclamation Coins) Issue price AUD$47.50 - Weight 1 oz. .999 Fine Silver


There was no Subscription coin issued in 2001.

The series recommenced in 2002


2002 (Melbourne Mint) Gilt Silver. Issue price AUD$65.00 - Weight 31.6gms.


2003 (Holey Dollar) .999 Silver - Issue price increased to AUD$85.00  - Weight 54.3gms.


2004 (Last Penny) issue was Copper/Silver. Issue price AUD$77.00 - Weight 56.45gms.


2005 (Sydney Mint) was Gilt Silver. Issue price AUD$77.00 -  Weight 60.46gms.


2006 (Spanish Pillar Dollar) was Antique Silver. Issue price AUD$88.00 - Weight 60.46gms.


2007 (Portuguese Johanna) was Gilt Silver. Issue price AUD$88.00 - Weight 60.46gms.


2008 (Kookaburra Penny) was .999 Fine Silver. Issue price AUD$95.00 - Weight 60.46gms.


2009 (Adelaide Ingot) was Gilt Silver.  Issue price reduced to AUD$40.00 - Weight 1 oz.


2010 (Currency Centenary) was .999 Fine Silver . Issue price AUD$75.00 - Weight 1 oz.


2011 (Zuytdorp Wreck) was .999 Fine Silver. Issue price AUD$75.00 - Weight 1 oz.


These boxed and encapsulated commemorative coins varied in size - between 40 -  50 mms. diameter - and the latest edition of Greg McDonald's excellent 'Pocket Guide to Australian Coins and Banknotes' should be referred to for further details - including the limited mintages and contemporary market prices.


 Greg McDonald Publishing and Numismatics Pty. Ltd.

 P.O. Box 649, Lavington, N.S.W. 2641 Australia.

 Email:-  gregmcdonaldpublishing@gmail.com






 I am, of course, referring to the more south-eastern area of the central South Pacific - that patch of ocean from where our Australasian Summer Sun arises!




The 'International Date Line' that cuts through the central Pacific is a curious thing - it is as crooked as a dog's hind leg as it zigzags from Pole to Pole - but it does so with a purpose.  Conveniently conceived by Man to keep our clocks and calendars regulated, the 'Date Line' also has a sniff of old European economic politics about it; as we examine how it skirts around some places and snatches others up in its wandering


The Polynesian islands on the South-Western side of the 'Date Line' are worthy of a special mention!


Located in this central South Pacific area they are diverse in size, culture and ethnicity - but all have now been touched by the hands of European entrepreneurs in ways that range from paternal to venal -  and, while I don't wish to dwell on the pillaging ethics of times past, it suffices us to acknowledge that some very bad things happened - and some wonderful traditions have been lost forever.


Other things - not so Polynesian - such as political coups and currencies, have been experienced and adopted over the last 200 years as these island  nations develop, or - perhaps - may even be destined to perish - in this modern world of political brinkmanship, trade and high finance.


However, Nature is also an ever-present problem - besides being astride the moving Australasian and  Pacific Tectonic plates -  and several smaller localized plates (Refer Wikipedia) - most of the area now also has the threat of catastrophic global warming to contend with.

Many of the low coral islands and atolls of these small nations are at high risk of part or complete inundation in the future by the rising oceans.



SAMOA - or Western Samoa, as it was often called up to 1997 - to differentiate it from the American Samoa Island on the other side of the 'Date Line' - declared its independence in 1962.  It is now classed as a parliamentary democracy - and, whilst it is not a member of the British Commonwealth, it is still under the protective umbrella  of New Zealand and is treated under, and abides by, the major features of N. Z. laws.

It has a population of approx, 192,000.




  c.2003 Basic Two Tala polysubstrate note.

(Not Dated.)


TONGA - is an independent Kingdom and classed as a democratic parliamentary, constitutional monarchy

Known previously as the 'Friendly Islands', it consists of 169 islands - but only 36 are inhabited.

The Kingdom has a population now exceeding 103,000.





 2009 Part of the denomination series - up to 100 Pa'anga.

 (Not Dated)


FIJI - once referred to as the Fiji Islands - gained independence in 1970,  and, is now officially known as the Republic of Fiji since the military coup of 1987.

It is now a democratic parliamentary republic but usually only referred to as Fiji in conversation.

Fiji consists of over 330 coral islands and many islets , but only 106 are permanently inhabited.

The popular tourist destination has a population nearing 900,000. 

After a series of political coups, the republic was suspended from the Commonwealth in 2006 - however, after it 'got its' house' in order,  it was readmitted to the Commonwealth of Nations in September 2014 





 2007 Paper and 2013 Polysubstrate $5.00 banknotes

(Not Dated.)



It is of great interest to this Editor, that both sides of my extended family - established branches of themselves in New Zealand - and, that all had grown from the Irish and English roots that had developed in Northern Tasmania, Australia within the last 3 - 4 generations.

That I have had the chance to re-establish the links with several long-lost cousins - albeit, still in a somewhat tenuous way - during the last two decades or so, is a story in itself. 

Still, we now know we exist - and that knowledge will be passed down through our families!







 2015-16 Denomination range of current N.Z. Polysubstrate banknotes.

(Prefix dated)






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