Sea Kayaking Video Clips

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Click here for De Witt video clip

W by SW Trip

Some amazing video of a blowhole in De Witt Island, south coast.

Click here for Port Davey cave video clip

W by SW Trip

Visit one of the spectacular caves in Port Davey.

Click here for Albatross video clip

Albatross Island Trip

Some excellent shots of Albatross gliding majestically past rocky cliffs.

Click here for Flinders sailing video clip

Flinders Island Trip

Sail with Mick Verrier from Mt Chappel Island to Trousers Point.

Click here for West Coast video clip

West Coast Trip

Big waves and excitement on the trip from Sundown Point to Ingram Bay.

Click here for eddy gliding video clip

Flinders Island

Eddy gliding in a sea kayak in Sea Lion Narrows.

Click here for Macquarie Harbour video clip

Macquarie Harbour

A calm and relaxing trip inside Macquarie Harbour to Sarah Island.

Click here to explore caves on Maria Island.

Maria Island Trip

Explore the inside of sea caves on Maria Islands' east coast.

Click here to round South West Cape.

Port Davey Trip

Rounding one of Tasmanian's most forbidding capes-South west Cape in moderate seas and torrential rain.

Click here for fun in Deep Glen Bay.

Pirates Bay Trip

Big waves and terrible backwash in Deep Glen Bay Cave.

Click here to frolick with Maatsuyker seals.

Maatsuyker Island

Frolick with the seals between the Needles off Maatsuyker Island.

Click here for video of big waves on the southern coast.

The aborted Maatsuyker Trip

Treacherous waves near South Cape.

Click here to frolick with Maatsuyker seals.

Jamie's Folly

Jamie finds that not all "easy passages" are quite so simple..

Click here for video of big waves on the southern coast.

Passage through Flat Top Is

An incredible cave on the south coast.

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