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Sea Kayaking DVD's

DVDNo 1. Swan Island Trip.
A good "beginners" trip in summer. Length 45min,

DVD No2. Maria Island Trip.
Circumnavigate an historic island, plenty of sea caves & secluded beaches.
Length 55 min. With map and notes.

DVD No3. Pirates Bay and West Coast Trips
Two of the most spectacular trips on one tape.
Plenty of action in Deep Glen Bay Cave. Length 60min.

DVD No5. Tasmania's Shy Albatross.
This version concentrates on the spectacular life style of the Shy Albatross.
Lots of spectacular close ups of Albatross flying. Set to classical music. Length 35min.

DVD No5b. Albatross Island trip.
This version shows the full sea kayaking trip to Albatross, Steep,
Hunter and Three Hummock Islands. Length 65min.

DVD No6. Flinders Island.
This video is now available. Length 62min. Clips from this are on video No8.

DVD no7. Maatsuyker Island
This video records the dramas that evolved on our 1994 attempt to reach
Maatsuyker Island. Length 65min.

DVD No8. Tasmanian Sea Kayaking.
This is a collection of the best scenic and dramatic events from all
videos including those not yet edited. Set to music, it is a very
entertaining video. Length 57min.

DVD No9. South by South West & Flinders Is 1999 Video Clips
This trip to Maatsuyker Island, Port Davey and Bathurst Harbour is along
some of Tasmania's most rugged and spectacular coast.
The 1999 Flinders Is trip is also spectacular. Some of my best video Length 50min

DVD No 10. A trip to Three Hummock Island and the other Islands in
Tasmania's far N West. Meet Rob Alliston sole resident of Three Hummock Island.
Visit spectacular Cape Grim. Length 52min.

DVD No 11. Cross Bass Strait with the Maatsuyker Canoe Club.
Visit Wisons Promontory, Hogan, Erith, Deal, Flinders and other Islands
in Bass Strait. The ultimate trip. No commentary but set to music and maps

DVD No 12. Paddle from Lucinda to Mission Beach including Hinchinbrook,
Goold, Wheeler and Dunk Islands. A tropical paradise. Length 65 min.

DVD No 13. A two week trip from Mackay to Airlie Beach
Visit many islands in the Whitsundays and meet the the yachting fleet off Lindeman Island
Perfect weather for sailing and exploring the many quiet islands and beaches. Length 1hr 30min

DVD No 14. Fly into Bathurst Harbour in Tassie's far South West.
Explore Port Davey sea caves, the Davey Gorge, Breaksea Islands and climb Mt Stokes
for splendid panoramas of Tasmania's wilderness South West.
Be enchanted by the reflections in Bathurst Harbour. Length 90 min.

DVD No 15. A trip around Macquarie Harbour, Kelly Basin and up the Gordon river
to meet the Franklin River. Explore the forgotten town of Pillinger and the notorious Sarah Island
Length 52 min.

DVD No 16. A trip to the islands off South West Thailand in the Tarutao National Park.
Unusual limestone caves, surfing and tropical weather. Video clips set to Thai music.
Length 25 min.

A photo CD of 100's of pictures taken on the Port Davey trip.
Plays automatically on Windows based PC's. Magnificent panoramas, each picture can be printed out at hi resolution.
Pictures can be used as wallpapers on your PC. Cost $30 + $5 p&p

Wallpaper photos of Sea Kayaking
& Coastal Scenery around Tasmania.
Hi resolution pictures of Tasmania's rarely visited coastal scenery. Cost $30 + $5 p&p


DVD No 17. A two week sea kayaking trip in New Zealand's North Island
Length 90 min

DVD No 18. A Slideshow of the two week trip in New Zealand's North Island



DVD No 19. A paddle along Tasmania's Sea Cave Coast
Edited from a number of trips. Length 61 min



DVD No 20. 60 min. A fantastic paddle at Lord Howe Island with Roaring 40's Kayaking.


DVD No 21. Another paddle with Roaring 40's, this time paddle around the northern section of the Whitsunday Is.
Areas we didnt visit on our other Whitsunday paddle. 85 min.


DVD No 22. Some of the best snorkelling and paddling waters. A trip with Roaring 40's
Ocean Kayaking. 108 min.


DVD No 23. Another Roaring 40's trip. Three Hummock Is is in NW Tasmania.
The weather on this Easter trip was incredible. 80 min.


DVD No 24. This is definitely the most challenging paddle in Tasmanian waters. Starting from Strahan, on the west coast,
spending two weeks in Port Davey, then around SW Cape, out to Maatsuyker Is.
We were then chased into Cockle Creek by a storm that later washed a person off Pedra Branca. 58 min.
A 50 min DVD slideshow is also available.


DVD No 25, The latest trip to Flinders Island. We experienced the worst storm in 20 years,
chased by a waterspout and delayed for two days by rough weather on Clarke Island.Includes a slideshow DVD
Some excellent sailing scenes. 120 min.


DVD No 26. A four week circumnavigation of Kangaroo Island in South Australia starting from Cape Jervis.
An interesting trip along some spectacular coastline. Underwater video of dolphins, challenging 55km paddling legs along difficult sections of coast.
Also includes an introductory DVD slideshow
A good summary of what there is to see and do on Kangaroo Island. 120 min.


DVD No 27. A compilation of video clips from six Roaring 40's Sea Kayaking Trips,
A good overview of these exciting trips. Port Davey, Three Hummock Is, Lord Howe Is, Yasawa Is Fiji, Whitsunday Is, Hinchinbrook Is

DVD No 28. An interesting trip around the Elifati Islands of Croatia. Includes a 10 min promo DVD.120 min.Cost $70 + postage.

DVD No 29,30. A week on the island of Milos. Amazing sea caves, underwater shots and surfing. Over 2 hrs. Cost $70 + postage.

DVD No 31. A ten day hike in the Nadgee Wilderness area of Victoria/NSW.
Amazing video of a red bellied black snake A 25 min DVD slideshow. Cost $25 + postage.

DVD No 32. A slideshow with music of trips in Tasmania, Flinders Is, Thailand,New Zealand, Hinchinbrook Is and The Whitsunday Is.
Includes video of sea kayaking to Maatsuyker Is. Cost $30 + postage

DVD No 33. A peaceful trip in Macquarie Harbour and up the Gordon River in Tasmania's SWest.
Visit historic Pillinger a once busy port.Cost $25 + postage.

DVD No 54. An exciting sea kayaking trip to Maatsuyker Island and the south coast of Tasmania all in high definition video.

Cost $55 plus postage cost as per below

DVD No55. A trip from Marrawah on the west coast, out to mysterious Steep Island and on to Denium Hill.
Paddle past the NW Coast windfarms, sombre Cape Grim then out to Steep Island all in glorious high definition clarity.
Cost $55 plus postage as per below.

DVD No 56. A composition of a number of winter and autumn walks through Tasmania's famous
Overland Track. Includes side trips to Lake Rodway, Lake Will and Pine Valley. Spectacular mountain scenery all in high definition.
Cost $55 plus postage cost as per below.

DVD No 57. A high definition trip through North East Tasmania. A collection of short videos
taken in special places at special times. Excitement and relaxation all in the one DVD.
Cost $55 plus postage as per below.


Cost of the DVD's is A$45 except where otherwise indicated, plus A$12 p&p, airmail anywhere in the world.
More than one DVD, in separate cases, add A$6 per DVD.
Australian purchases, add $8 per DVD for p&p.

Orders to J Jennings, PO Box 97, Bridport, Tasmania, Australia,7262
Note: Videos are PAL versions but NTSC can me made if ordered.

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