A Trip to Swan Island

Swan Island lighthouse

Initially we all stayed together as we paddled round the NE corner of Swan Island. Although the sea was extremely calm, it didn't stop Grant Hyland and I getting embarassingly caught on a shallow reef. Sorry about the scratches on your boat Cecily.

The double kayak

By now the wind had completely dropped. The sea surface was glassy smooth as we turned and headed back along the southern coast of the island. Mick decided to keep going and meet up with us at Telegraph Beach before we crossed back to the Musselroe River.

Toby at Telegraph Beach

We decided to land at Telegraph Beach and stretch our legs. The other reason was to look for other campsites as the track where we had camped last night, was not the best.

 Grant and the double kayak

The crossing back to mainland was uneventful. A few pelicans passed us going out to the island. They were skimming the surface one behind the other, trying to get lift from the sea surface.

 Mick about to roll

At Tree Point we stopped for lunch and a pleasant swim in the hot conditions. The water was so inviting that Mick decided to do some rolling practice. Actually I think Laurie decided Mick should do some rolling practice.

Mick upside down

What Mick didn't realize was that Laurie was holding his boat so that he couldn't roll back up. Mick valiantly tried again but eventually baled out.

Paddling up the river

After our swim we set off back at a leisurely. We only had to go back to Musselroe River as we had done a car shuffle before we set off the day before. The tide was out as we pushed up to where we had left the cars.

 Unpacking the boats

Well it had been a very restfull trip. It was the first time I had taken the video camera on a paddle and I was grateful it had been calm. The next trip was to be a night crossing to Maria Island. This would test our night navigation skills

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