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Fortesque Bay
to Tasman Island

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The lanterns and the Candlestick Cave near Cape Huay Grant in Munro Bight
The Candlestick and Lanterns Sea cave near Cape Huay Munro Bight
Map of the area Cape Pillar John Wilde
Approaching Cape Pillar Wave hopping, Black Head
Haines Bight Near Clytie Bight
Map of the area Haines Bight, Tasman Peninsula Approaching Clytie Bight
Landing on Tasman Island A stack, Tasman Peninsula The Monument Crescent Bay
Landing on Tasman Island A stack, Tasman Peninsula The Monument, Cape Huay Crescent Bay, Port Arthur

The most spectacular of all the south east coast trips. Along a very exposed coast with no landing spots, this trip is guaranteed to put a crick in your neck, gazing up at the 1000' cliffs. An adrenalin rush is common on this trip. Surf the gap between the candlestick and the Lanterns, creep into sea caves large and small and make a landing on Tasman Island , if you dare. The usual landing spot is a smooth, sloping rock that is washed by the waves. Time your run and your okay. The long climb up the old haulage way on Tasman is worth the effort. You can sleep in the old lighthouse keepers quarters if you are game enough to chance the weather.
There are seal colonies near Cathedral Rock and one year we saw hundreds of Dolphins in Munro Bight. If you are into diving, the wreck of the Nord lies up against the cliffs in 120' of water.

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