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Dunalley Sun rays over Maria Is Mick sailing
Starting from Dunalley Morning showers over Maria Island Squalls from the south, Pts de Galets
Map of the area Leaving Blackman Bay Sea cave, Hellfire Bluff
Leaving Blackman Bay Cave at Hellfire Bluff
Camping spot A tight squeeze
Map of the area Camping at Cockle Bay A squeeze at Pt du Ressac

Not a long trip, but can be tricky getting out of Blackman Bay in any kind of surf. A strong current and the necessity to angle across the surf makes the exit interesting. Even worse coming in after a long paddle. The Reverend Fairey, in 1880, sat out here in kayak for 28 hours, waiting for the surf to drop. It didn't so he had to go further down the coast.
Don't forget to explore the cave at Hellfire Bluff, once inside you have can do a 90 turn and come out of a different entrance. The campsite at Cockle Bay is on private property. If you want you can cross to Maria Island in the later part of the trip and camp at Chinaman Bay.

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