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Cape Grim
to Denium Point

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Greens beach Aboriginal middens Lunch on Trefoil Island
Looking north from Greens Beach Aboriginal middens, Calm Bay Lunch at Trefoil Island
Map of the area Cape Grim air monitoring station Sailing
Air monitoring station, Cape Grim Sailing near Bluff Point
Sea cave on the Doughboys Caught with low tide
Map ot the area Sea Cave on the Doughboys Caught by the tides, Kangaroo Island

This is an excellent trip, but not recommended for novices. Even in calm weather there are usually quite large waves and rebound swells. If the waves are too big at Greens Beach, it is inadvisable to start. There are few reliable landing spots after you start. Calm Bay is a good stop. There are strong tides and overfalls around Woolnorth Point. Watch for the remains of the steamer Colliboi as you round Woolnorth Point.
Camping is difficult but Davidsons Bay, Stack Island, Hunter Island, Kangaroo Island and Mosquito Inlet are good places to camp. The last two are only accessible easily at high tide. When finishing or starting at Denium Point you will need to plan according to tides or you will be dragging kayaks along way. (see photo above)

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