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Musselroe Bay
to Georges Rocks

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Preparing to set off Georges Rocks Sailing near Musslroe Point
Preparing to set off. Georges Rocks Sailing near Musselroe Point
Map of the area Granite boulders Leaving Musselroe Bay
Granite boulders on Purdon Bay Leaving Musselroe Bay
Departing from Cod Bay Sailing past Eddystone Point
Map of the area Leaving the campsite at Cod bay Sailing past Eddystone Point

This is a delightful trip along some of Tasmania's most scenic coast. In summer the deep, turquoise green sea , white sandy beaches and warm conditions are ideal for sea kayaking. It can be windy but the trip out to Georges rocks is worthwhile. There are a number of good campsites, though not all easy to find. Stumpys, Cod and Purdon Bays are good spots. It is a good idea to carry your own water, especially in summer. The red granite rocks and lighthouse at Eddystone Point are worth a visit. If you want to continue to the mouth of Ansons Bay, some surf at the mouth can be easily negotiated before the paddleup into Ansons Bay. There is a good campsite at Policemans Point, on the left bank as you enter the bay.
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