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Pirates Bay
to Fortesque Bay

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Kay in a sea cave Looking out of Tasmans Arch The coast towards Fortesque Bay
Entering one of the many caves Inside Tasmans Arch Looking down the coast
Map of the area Waterfall Waterfall Bay
Waterfall Bay Waterfall Bluff
Cave at Thumbs Point Dolomieu Point
Map of the area Cave at Thumbs Point Dolomieu Point

This trip is nearly as spectacular as the Tasman Island trip, but without the extreme conditions. There are many caves and interesting geological formations along this coast. In westerly weather, this part of the coast is sheltered if you keep in close to the cliffs. You can land on the flat, gently sloping shelves of rock that are common here. Some of the caves are enormous, with high, cathedral roofs. A waterfall empties into the sea at Waterfall Bay, a nice drink of fresh water.
The campsite at Fortesque Bay is a beautiful site. There are quite a few walks once you get to either Pirates Bay or Fortesque Bay. In the right weather this trip can be done with inexperienced sea canoeists, provided they have someone along with local knowledge.

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