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Bruny Island

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The blow hole The blow hole Mick near the blowhole
Blowhole, SE Bruny
Map of the area Lagoon Bay from the lighthouse
Cloudy Bay View SE from Lighthouse
The double near Tasman Head Cape Bruny
Map of the area Bridge Rock, Tasman Head Courts Island

Bruny Island is an example of a tied island. Like Maria Island it is two islands joined together by a sand spit. The southern part of Bruny Island is the most interesting. From Adventure Bay, where Captain Cook landed to take on water, the coast is rugged with high cliffs. Some spectacular blowholes can be seen on the south eastern side. The trip to Cloudy Bay is worthwhile, cliffs, sheltered inlets and good campsites are part of this trip. The southern part of the island is often exposed to big swells and strong winds but if the weather is good make an effort to have a look at the lighthouse on Cape Bruny. In rough weather you can always paddle the inside passage of D' Entrecasteaux Channel. There are lots of interesting inlets on the western shores of this Channel. Roaring 40s Ocean Kayaking conduct many sea kayaking trips in this area and have sea kayaks for hire.
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