Pirates Bay & Deep Glen Bay Cave

Mick about to cop a big one

Mick managed to get near the cave entrance but the backwash capsized him. Most of then time he was out of sight. With relief we saw him eskimo roll and start to head back out.


Facing into the waves we could see what Mick couldn't. A huge wave reared up behind and caught him, he started to surf towards us. I thought will we roll over now,because if Mick keeps surfing someone is going to get hurt. Fortunately Mick capsized and pulled up just short of us.

Mick in the soup

We waited for Mick to roll again, but twice in succession was too much. The last set of waves turned the water into a seething mass of white foam with little for the paddle blade to bite on.

The big wave

From behind yet another big one swept around into the narrow channel. A backwash wave thumped into the oncoming wave causing it to rear up in a threatening manner. Grant thought we should get out but just a little more video!

 Mick in the water

Fortunately the wave dissipated and Mick was pushed towards us. I was torn between continuing to video the whole episode and my desire to help Mick back into his boat. There was little immediate danger as we were drifting out of the channel.

 Mick alongside

Mick was now alongside and started to turn his kayak over so that we could help him back in. I asked him to wait while we pulled him out further.

retelling the event

It didn't take long for Mick to get back into his kayak. While he waited for the electric bilge pump to empty the kayak, usually about 4-5 minutes, he described how he had been swung round by the huge backwash off the cliff. At one stage he thought he was going to have to come out backwards.Click here for Micks' original comments

Grant paddling

Well that was certainly enough excitement for one day but we still had 13 kilometers to paddle along cliffs before we could land in Lagoon Bay. Three years later we did get into the cave and many others along that coast.

Lagoon Bay

We were all feeling cold as we landed at Lagoon Bay, particularly Mick who had been in for a swim. We got a small fire going and had something to eat. What is usually a nice campsite didn't seem very inviting in the dull, cold conditions.

Jeff feeling the cold

Having suffered from a recent circulatory illness, I put on a balaclava and neoprene gloves to keep warm. "Who goes paddling in winter?"

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