Pirates Bay & Deep Glen Bay Cave

Pirates Bay looking north

I wanted to revisit Deep Glen Bay Cave and take some video inside this spectacular cave. I had taken slides on a previous trip and was hoping for the same calm weather. Although it was mid winter the weather looked promising.

 The surf in Pirates Bay

We had intended launching from the beach but the waves looked quite steep and no one particularly wanted to get cold and wet at the beginning of a long trip in mid winter. Most Tasmanian sea canoeists don't wear dry suits.

Unloading the kayaks

Only three of the club turned up for this trip. Mick in his North Sea Tourer, Grant and I would paddle the double so that I could take better video. We decided to launch from the more sheltered boat ramp.

Mick heading out

The early morning fog was still rising as we rounded the jetty in Pirates Bay and headed north. A few lazy swells were swinging round the point but we were confident that the cave would be accessible.

 Mick and the cliffs

About 45 minutes later we were cruising along the steep cliffs of the Forestier Peninsular. Here we started to realize just how big the swell was. Mick volunteered to go in close for some good video shots of the swell.

 The big swell

Mick decided to head out away from the backwash from the cliffs. As he did this a huge wave crashed onto the cliff and exploded upwards to a hieght of about 20 metres making a magnificent backdrop.

Grant and Mick

We kept out from the cliffs for the next few kilometers. A fishing boat passed us going back to Pirates Bay, rolling heavily in the swell. The deep green-blue water had a covering of white foam.

Deep Glen Bay Cave

We could see that it would be suicide to try and enter the cave from the usual direction. The seas were pounding in from that side so we tried the other entrance. Grant and I nosed into the narrow channel leading to the cave.

The double in the channel

We waited for sometime to see the wave patterns. The seas were crashing in from around the corner. The flow of water was continually pushing us back out into calm water.

 Mick in the cave entrance

Mick agreed to investigate closer. He carefully worked his way towards the cave entrance trying to keep his kayak facing out for a quick exit.

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