A Trip to Macquarie Harbour

Atlantic Salmon ponds

Down the coast we came across a number of floating fisheries. These contain Atlantic Salmon produced for the export market. We arrived just as the contractors were refilling the automatic fish meal feaders. This has to be done every few days.

Atlantic Salmon

The waters of Macquarie Harbour are quite cold, ideal for the Salmon. Unfortunately some of the fisheries on the other side of the harbour had been affected by run off pollution from a nearby copper mine.

Sea Eagle, Macquarie Harbour

The area is rich in other wildlife including sea birds such as the white Sea Eagle. It was quite easy to quietly approach these birds. Some of them were nesting in the tops of dead trees around the shoreline.

Lunch on Steadmans' Beach, Macquarie Harbour

At the next beach we pulled up and had lunch. No one had expected these conditions and we relaxed in the warm sun gazing over to the far shore and the mountains that were part of the west coast ranges. It was hard not to nod off asleep.


A close reflection shot in Grants' sun glasses made sure that everyone got into the video. That's me holding the yellow video camera housing.

Tourist boat, Macquarie Harbour

Across the harbour, the tourist charter boats scuttled back and forth taking passengers up the famous Gordon River. This river had been saved from flooding by the Hydro Electric Co. It contains magnificent stands of cool temperate rainforest, gorges and rapids and is a favourite haunt of tourists and rafters.

Tourist boat, Sarah Island

After lunch we approached Sarah Island just as the tourist boat had left. This remote island had once been a convict settlement for the worst of the prisoners. Those who had repeatedly murdered other convicts.

Landing on Sarah Island

We had to paddle around the island to find a suitable landing site. Interestingly this later turned out to be the site of the old slip way where boats out of Huon Pine were made. National Parks have cleared away some of the dense undergrowth that had covered the old sites.

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