Flinders Island Trips 1990 - 1995

Ian and Jenny, just before capsize in Banks Strait

On an earlier trip to Flinders Island in 1990 the Banks Strait crossing was a bit interesting, especially when the double capsized mid strait. A tense few moments passed as Ian and Jenny clambered back in. Thank goodness for electric bilge pumps!

Maatsuyker Canoe Club members

This is most of the Maatsuyker Canoe Club in 1990, on the Flinders Island trip. The photo was taken near the original old settlement at Lady Barren Island township, known as the corner.

Laurie and kay on the slopes of Mt Strzelecki

On this particular trip we had time to climb Mt Strzelecki. It was a cool, overcast day but you could still see the islands out to the west of Flinders Island.

Ian om the summit, loking to Trousers Point

On an even earlier trip, Ian McDonald and I climbed the mountain. You can see Trousers Point in the foreground and Mt Chappel and Badger Island in the background.

Ian and Jenny in the double

We had some interesting sailing conditions on the 1990 trip, mainly fresh westerlies that gave us plenty of assistance up the coast to Wybalena, the site of the old Tasmanian Aboriginal settlement.

Mick about to be eaten by a shark with no teeth

Mick having a rest at Wybalena. We cunningly set up the toothless, Wobygong shark so that it looked as though Mick was about to lose a foot. He was quite oblivious to this little trick.

The Emita museum

We walked over to the Emita museum. I was interested to find out more about the people who used to live on Badger Island. There were some interesting photo's and records, some dating back to the first settlement of the islands. Also quite a few relics of the many shipwrecks on these islands.

Where oh where have they gone

On the way back to Whitemark we seemed to lose contact with Ian and Jenny in the double. A fierce rain squall and strong winds separated the party. For a moment we thought they had disappeared.

A tasty morsel at Whitemark

At Whitemark we joined Laurie again and decided to fill up on nice fatty foods from the local shop. You can develop quite an appetite for junk food on these trips.

Crossing Franklin Sound

Later we headed south again, crossing Franklin Sound early in the morning. we sailed to Preservation Island but not before diving for crayfish and abalone around Key Island and Piano Point.

Cooking delicious crayfish

We rigged up a temporary cooking pot for the large crayfish that Grant had caught, or rather that had caught him. This delicious delicacy is usually too expensive for us mere mortals to afford. This one was superbly cooked by Mick.

Rebecca Bay

After a hectic ride through rough seas, Rebecca Bay was a welcome relief. The sun was out and the waters crystal clear. It was a nice place to wait for a lull in the strong westerly winds before crossing Banks Strait.

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