A Trip to Albatross, Hunter & Three Hummock Islands

Mick Verrier leaving Albatros Island

We left Albatross Island while the weather was good. The tides were helping us head for Three Hummock Island, about 20km away. Fortunately the easterly winds had changed and were now from the west.

Dangerous Banks

We decided to head off course for a while, to visit Dangerous Bank. This area of shallow water has huge waves that we had heard roaring while on Albatross Island. The map indicated to keep well clear of this area.

Kaurie under sail, near Hunter Island

In fact we there was no real danger to us on this day. The currents were sweeping us away from any danger. We didn't even come close to the huge waves. We hoisted sails and set course for Three Hummock once more.

The Five Sisters, Three Hummock Island

About three hour later we approached the Five Sisters Rocks on Three Hummock Island. A retired naval officer and his wife have been living on this island since WW2. We camped on just behind the beach. We intended circumnavigating the island the next day.

Campsite, East Telegraph Beach, Three Hummock Island

The next day we camped at East Telegraph Beach, on the opposite side to where the Allistons lived. It was a blazing hot day and we went for a swim before deciding to climb to the top of the main hummock on the island.

Telecom tower on Three Hummock Island

Laurie and I set off for the top of the island late in the afternoon. The Telecom tower had been built to relay communications by microwave links. From the top we hoped to have a good view of the sunset.

View from the tower, Three Hummock Island

The 100' tower was quite rusty but the galvanized iron ladder seemed to be in good condition. From this vantage point we could see the whole of our journey. While we were waiting for the sun, to set we noticed some rather aggressive butterflies that were chasing swallows!

Looking towards Steep Island

Looking out to the west it was possible to see Steep Island over the top of Hunter Island. On the way back it became very dark quickly and we had to scrub bash to the beach after we had lost the track.

Campsite, East Telegraph Beach

We slept very soundly that night. Even though the wind swung round to the east, Laurie was quite comfortable under his tent fly strung up between his paddle and mast. Tomorrow we would cross Hope Channel back to Hunter Island.

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