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Australian Bear Sites:

Rebecca Hurley - Nature Teds - lifelike bears.
Sonya Heron: Heartfelt Bears - Artist Bears &Kits
Petra Wasse - The Old Bear Co. - old style bears.
Jo's Tiny Teddies - great mini charaters.
Sandra-Kay Murphy - unusual painted mohair bears.
Starick Bears - Mini bears by Kim McDonald
My Old Friends - Christine Charles
Toni Wagner: Lunchbox Bears - Minature Bears
Browyn Barton: B.B. Bears - Artist Bears
Lisa Pay: Pay Bears - Bear Artist & Painter
There's a Bear in There: Totally Teddy Bear Fair
Chris Baskerville: Bear Artist
Boxwood Bears - by Angela Seguna
Hug Me Bears - Kerrie de Vries
Driftwood Bears - Jaccy Thomas
Joan Farrelly - Everlasting Bears

Email Addresses:

Julie Quon - Rag Tag Teddies - quonj@southcom.com.au

Felicity Clarke - Bearly There Creations

International Bear Sites
Actually Bears - (England)
Loveable Fellows - Karin Jehle (Germany)
Cupboard Bears - Elizabthe Lloyd (England)
Baer & Co. - Rotraud Ilisch (Germany)
Cathy's Koalas - Cathy Tibbets (USA)
Bears and Hares - Sue Ventrice (USA)
Teddy Bear Times - UK Magazine - interesting
Oursement Votre - French Teddy Bear Search Engine
Lanctots Loveables - Rhonda-Lynne Lanctot (Canada)
Beach Bum Bears - Kathy Glenn (USA)

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